Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missed my valentine

I hope you heard the story about butterflies. They are just so much attracted to the fire that they fell into it and losses their lives. Going in heaven they would be feeling “I miss my life”. That’s not the story actually, that’s the truth. The truth that applies at least to me. Every Indian dreams to go out of the country. Why? To earn money? F**k money. After coming Singapore I realized I don’t need money at the expense of distance with my honey. Ya. I mean it. There’s nothing too fancy here. Just after two days I don’t see a single thing that amazes me.

Live life large. People over here eat &%#$*. Missing family, friends and everything. I now realized why India is called such a great country. Here you don’t get to walk as you want on street. Finding a fruit store is like finding a needle in desert. You don’t get tea, Indian tea that sets you up for the day. You got no one to talk for the entire day. I can’t fire my stupid jokes on colleagues anymore. Can’t tease anyone anymore. Once I wanted to go to pee while coming back to hotel from ‘little india’, but I couldn’t. They might charge 100$ for that. In india you can do it everywhere… wow…. Just find a corner and release yourself.

It’s only after leaving honey back home I realized I miss her so much that I feel, I can’t survive without her. Going through harder days, possibly the hardest days of the year. Miss ya honey, my valentine. Althought everyday is valentine day when i'm with here!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day1: Few hours away from getting ahead by 2.5 hours

Yes I’m just that away from getting into the ‘Out Of India Club”. 90% of Indian s/w engineers dreams of it. And may be around 50% people would be getting this opportunity. Today is my turn. Does anybody know why we Indian s/w engineers have such craze for going out?
For me there were three reasons:
• First and foremost: one milestone achieved.
• Then $. ;-)
• Then I would say Scrawling the world around.
• And the last award goes to …. Get rid of something that was pinching me. (Too personal)

Dream has come true at a cost. Cost of leaving my lavu. Leaving chaku alone at home was giving pain at last moment but…. ya.. This ‘but’ is holding me back. Another price I paid was in the form of my sleep. I lost my sound and peaceful sleep for last five nights. May be I was a little tense. Anyways, I tried holding those drops from felling down at the time leaving honey but few came out when I got back to my seat.

At the right now I am at airport and I still feel that I’m dreaming. Ya literally dream. I just feel all this is happening around me is happening in my dream. I’ll wake up in the morning and everything will go away. My plan was o red some stuff at airport but all these different people are drawing my attention. The first one I saw was a Hibro, then some thai, some muslim beauties, some shekh with loongie (just like arun) then some Europeans then few beautiful air hostesses and few more ohhh... la... la... girls. Watching them was a treat or may be more than a treat. The one just came right now is mother all beautiful ladies. Ok... I think I’m running away from my topic.

Missing honey and office already. I’ll take a break right now. See you after the break.

Amazing… I think I should have changed the topic name. It should have been BEAUTIES. Some of them were looking so soft and delicate that if I’ll touch her she’ll break down like a mirror. If chaku’ll read this she’ll kill me o I’ll stop now.

Ok as a first time visitor there were many things I came through for the first time. Changing the currency didn’t take time I got to see Singapore dollars for the first time. Luggage check-in process wasn’t that hard. Ya it took a time to find out Counter of JET airways. Then I stood in line to get boarding pass. Vohhhh! You got my point. The attendee was @#$@#$@#. My dictionary to describe beauties ends here. The way she saw me I realized this must be my dream only because I don’t think I am that handsome attract a girl like that. Anyways, leaving her with sorrow heart I went to immigration form filling up line. And again got one beautiful pair of eyes stuck on me. She was may be air hostess in yellow dress. I couldn’t figure out which flight she was from.

Finally after completing immigration form with a beauty beside me, I went through security check with crossed finger. Coming down near the departure gates I called diku and at my home. Still no sign of boss around, may be he is in the mood of surprise or last minute entry like a hero does in movie.

My flight is still 23:00, and I’m tired। Tired like hell. Still 1 am half hour away from getting ahead by 2.5. Ya Singapore is 2.5 hours ahead. And I’ll be leaving for Singapore tonight. See ya later.