Monday, January 26, 2009

Pavagadh again..

Well, i'm not that kind of person who explores different places and then chooses the journey location. Ya! if any other one knows good place around vadodara, they're welcome. The dream and the ONLY destination i do have right now is Pavagadh and champaner. Actually they are same. Champaner is just few steps near pavagadh.

Anyways, i was getting bore at home thinking about 3 days of holidays. Pavagadh was the only place i could think of at that time. Finally we, me/honey decided to have a short journey there. Bike was the ultimate option for the journey. I love driving on thrilling speed.

Enjoyed a lot. Trip

Thank god we took camera this time. Got a video to share!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Progressive muscle relax therapy Part-2

In first part of Progressive muscle relaxing technique we went through the pain pattern and little intro over PMR. This time I would tell you about it in detail.

Suggestions for Practice

• Always practice full PMR in a quiet place, alone, with no electronic distractions, not even background music.
• Wear loose clothing.
• Avoid eating, smoking, or drinking. It’s best to practice before meals rather than after, for the sake of your digestive processes.
• Never practice after using any intoxicants.
• Sit in a comfortable chair if possible. You may practice lying down, but this increases the likelihood of falling asleep. ;-) But even If you fall asleep, give yourself credit for the work you did up to the point of sleep. \
• If you practice in bed at night, plan on falling asleep before you complete your cycle. Therefore, consider a practice session at night, in bed, to be in addition to your basic practice.
• When you finish a session, relax with your eyes closed for a few seconds, and then get up slowly. (a sudden drop in blood pressure due to standing up quickly—can cause you to faint.) Some people like to count backwards from 5 to 1, timed to slow, deep breathing, and then say, “Eyes open. Supremely calm. Fully alert.”

Muscle Groups
You will be working with most all the major muscle groups in your body, but for convenience you will make a systematic progression from your feet upwards. Here is the most popular recommended sequence:

• Right foot
• Right lower leg and foot
• Entire right leg
• Left foot
• Left lower leg and foot
• Entire left leg
• Right hand
• Right forearm and hand
• Entire right arm
• Left hand
• Left forearm and hand
• Entire left arm
• Abdomen
• Chest
• Neck and shoulders
• Face
Tension–Relaxation Procedure
Step One: Tension. The process of applying tension to a muscle is essentially the same regardless of which muscle group you are using. First, focus your mind on the muscle group; for example, your right hand. Then inhale and simply squeeze the muscles as hard as you can for about 8 seconds; in the example, this would involve making a tight fist with your hand.

Note: Beginners usually make the mistake of allowing muscles other than the intended group to tense as well; in the example, this would be tensing muscles in your right arm and shoulder, not just in your right hand. With practice you will learn to make very fine discriminations among muscles; for the moment just do the best you can.

Step Two: Releasing the Tension. This is the best part because it is actually pleasurable. After the 8 seconds, just quickly and suddenly let go. Let all the tightness and pain flow out of the muscles as you simultaneously exhale. In the example, this would be imagining tightness and pain flowing out of your hand through your fingertips as you exhale. Feel the muscles relax and become loose and limp, tension flowing away like water out of a faucet. Focus on and notice the difference between tension and relaxation

Stay relaxed for about 15 seconds, and then repeat the tension-relaxation cycle. You’ll probably notice more sensations the second time.

That’s it that was easy isn’t it? Well Just try for a week and share your experience. Guess what? You also learned a technique used to treat insomniac. If you are suffering from sleeping disorder try this for a week. It gives you much more relaxed sleep. Believe me it works.

One more thing. I got some music that you can play while doing PMR. Actually it speaks about every step needs to be performed during PMR. Mail me or leave comment if anyone is interested in that music therapy.

Have a healthy life. Remember Health is wealth. Don’t loose it or you’ll repent.

Progressive muscle relax Therapy Part-1

Yes!! I’m back. It’s been a while since I gave my put thoughts. Well, reasons for not being able to do so are 1) RSI. 2) Lots of work. The pain of RSI still persists at root but I’m feeling fine for right now. Today I’m goanna right about journey I’ve been through last one month. I’ve already written about what RSI is in my previous blog. Today I’ll write about what to do when go through it.

When I suffered from RSI nothing went well. I couldn’t sleep properly, not even eat properly. We couldn’t celebrate our last wedding anniversary. Imagine when you woke up in the morning and first thing you feel is not fresh air its pain. I got pain in my neck and shoulder. A higher version of pain in those areas can cause cervical spondelysis which sucks. I tried acupressure doctor, physician and physiotherapist. They’ll all give you medicine but nothing worked completely. Still I’ll show you two exercises given by my acupressure doctor which I feel are very handy and effective.
The other thing that really well worked on me is PMR therapy.

Progressive muscle therapy:
The process of progressive muscle relaxation is simply that of isolating one muscle group, creating tension for 8 -10 seconds, and then letting the muscle relax and the tension go.
For example: Take your right hand, tighten it into a fist, and notice what happens. You can feel the muscle tension increase in your hand and up your forearm. The longer you hold it, the tenser it becomes. You become aware that it does not feel good. In fact, it begins to hurt. This is an example of exaggerated muscle tension. If such tension exists around the neck you get a neck ache, and if it is in the forehead you get a headache. Continue to hold the tension and now, all at once, relax and let go. Allow your hand to flop down into your lap and notice the difference. The muscles now begin to relax, and the muscle tension just flows away, melts, dissolves, and disappears.
Remember here releasing the tension is the most important part of this therapy. As per the physiology principal ‘Whenever you create tension in a muscle and then release the tension the muscle has to relax. The muscle does not have a choice’. You would say ‘ya, we all get tension in muscle at office they why our muscle doesn’t relax?’ Aree yaar!!! You need to relax it to let your muscle relax. Imagine this thing you are carrying a bucket full of water on each of your hands. You can carry it for 1 minute, max two minute. What after that? If you don’t drop it and take a breath it’ll start giving you pain. So the funda is to relax while work. Just 15 seconds 20 times a day is enough which will only take your 5 minutes of your day. You do have that much time, don’t you?

The key to triggering the relaxation response in this manner is to take charge of the voluntary muscles by tensing them and forcing them into a state of relaxation. Once the muscles relax then the other components of the relaxation response will naturally follow. Relaxed muscles require less oxygen so the breathing pattern slows and deepens. The heart does not need to be beating so fast to carry oxygen out to tense muscles. Heart rate and blood pressure decline. The normal blood flow returns to the belly and digestion resumes. The belly is calmed. Hands and feet warm up. Such a series of bodily adaptations all start and fall naturally into place because the voluntary muscles are being directed into a state of relaxation. Soon changes in mood follow, and you become more calm and refreshed.

Read about suggestion before doing it, how to do it and about its procedure in next version of PMR technique blog. Have a healthy life.

Dasvidania 2008

Ya!!! I know ..., i know it’s a bit late but I’m out of time these days. Coming straight to the point. Let me see the list… hmm…. oh, I think there are plenty of things I would like to remember for 2008. But I’m gonna list only few of them.

Movie of Year:

Gajini was all over my mind just after I saw the movie, Memento. My expectation on gajini got higher after I saw memento but it went in vain. I bet they can’t make it like memento just for the sake of Indian people’s mindset. They want either action or love story and that’s why you saw its combination in Gajini.
But my favourite movie was memento. Damn good direction, damn good acting and damn good plot. The whole combination made Damn, damn, damn good movie. I’ve already watched it twice and planning to see it again. I bet you can’t see this movie with your mind aside. Must watch movie.

I got a bit fat (_|_). Ha, ha, ha. Health wise this was not my year. Fat is ok. I can get rid off it by working out. One thing that is still teasing me is my RSI injuries. My neck got so badly hurt that it could never got recovered. It still pains every morning. I tried acupressure, homeopathy, allopathic treatments but nothing worked out.
I would definitely like to add good Health as one my target for 2009.

One of the different tasks that I did in 2008 was writing blog. Although I use to write diary during my college days, writing a blog was a different experience. Here you have to take care of what you write because there were many persons connected with it. I was excited about my writing at first but one blog changed everything for a while. A blog about my office thing created huge controversy. Things are going smooth these days.

Week of the year
For me week of the year was navratri. This was my best navratri ever. I enjoyed it at its highest. Thought chaku was not with me for entire navratri. She’s not into it that much. There is still one more week I would like to remember here. Rock on at office. The dance competition at office was really a rocking week. We won the competition which made it more enjoyable.

Boom!! It’s all over. The balloon of IT and stock market blasts. It affected me two ways.
1) Salary of IT industry.
2) Stock we have invested.
Don’t want to write any much about these incidents.

Well! That’s it for now. There are many things to write but time is short. I sense a great year coming, 2009. Wish all people a happy new year.