Monday, January 26, 2009

Pavagadh again..

Well, i'm not that kind of person who explores different places and then chooses the journey location. Ya! if any other one knows good place around vadodara, they're welcome. The dream and the ONLY destination i do have right now is Pavagadh and champaner. Actually they are same. Champaner is just few steps near pavagadh.

Anyways, i was getting bore at home thinking about 3 days of holidays. Pavagadh was the only place i could think of at that time. Finally we, me/honey decided to have a short journey there. Bike was the ultimate option for the journey. I love driving on thrilling speed.

Enjoyed a lot. Trip

Thank god we took camera this time. Got a video to share!!!


Shunty : said...

Wow... Cool video!!!

Kedar Vaijanapurkar said...
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Kedar Vaijanapurkar said...

hehe.. Did u managed to do the KNEE-to-ROAD trick this time!!?
Or control was on back seat this time?? hehe... keep having fun :)

ABhi said...

I tried it but bus was so heavy that i couldn't manage to drag it down!!!! he he he ;-)