Monday, March 16, 2009

Most amazing product of 2009

Be ready to chew you nails after watching this.

Everyone can be Tom Cruize after this

Sixth sense!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Merlion and Suntec visit: Singapore

I was not in that much mood to plan any visit today as there are lot things pending. Ya but how could I miss the IT fair. I was planning to buy an external drive from there. So here we go toward one more dream destination. SUNTEC city. My wish to enjoy the surrounding made me choose to visit there by bus. Bad decision.
Reasons: Today was Sunday, never travel by bus on Sunday in Singapore. They move like turtle, too slow. Second reason: it kept raining so nothing was much visible. Third and the last: I didn’t get the seat. ;-(

I could have reached faster by running there but anyways reached suntec city. I was expecting some crowd, healthy crowd. My wish granted. It was amazing! I identified some differences between IT fair of India and Singapore.
1. People here come really for buying things not just to watch girls on counter and collect free pamphlets.
2. Here girls are also interested in buying many things, so many changes to feel good. ;-)
3. In India, you do not have to wait in queue if you really want to buy anything. Here you might have to wait for 1 hour just to make payment.

It couldn’t hold me there so I decided to move around. I came to know that merlion and Singapore flier is just nearer to this place. I decided take a walk. Beautiful scenery just kept driving me from one place to another. At one moment I forget where I was going.

Reaching merlion, black clouds of disappointment peed on me. The lion was on holidays. I remembered news in the morning before 15 days that due to lightning, merlion is badly damaged and need a repair. Psss…. Still the atmosphere, warmness, and beautiful girls kept me there. As usual given my camera one everyone with whom eyes met to take some snaps for me. ;-) Music show near merlion was the last thing I enjoyed.

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