Monday, June 28, 2010

What side are you in? Love or Lust?

Love…. For some of the alive human beings event this simple & smallest word brings up a smile or shy. For others its just another excuse to get into a girl’s pants (or skirts .. J) I’m kind person who fall in between this category. I’m sure there would be millions more like me. Anyways I’m not here to talk about, typical difference between love & lust, cause answer for it can be pretty straight forward where love is simply associated with emotions & affection & later on is related dot dot dot (you know what :D)

lust_or_love_57595 Love and lust goes hand in hand, they are dependent of each other. Important of both the emotions should not be .. wait wait.. must not be ignored. Love and Lust both goes hand in hand, and matter of fact I doubt true love would exist between man & woman (wait wait.. man & man also and… woman & woman also lol… ) [Spare the love of mother and child here.. .we’re not talking about it here.. ] so where was i???



Oh ya I doubt true love would exist without even minor existence of lust.

Two things that both love and lust have common are,

  • They start with letter ‘L’… (sorry.. just kidding)


  • They both are blind.


It’s hard for some people to figure out whether they’re in winner of love or victim of lust, those whose strongly believe that they are in love, that feeling might just be a burst of boiling blood crawling for short time, which when given proper time turns out to be a mistake only. Time is the only factor that can judge your existence in love or lust.

In love even an object is elevated to life, stones & trees speaks to you; the sun, the moon (I just remembered a son here, ‘chand sitare phul aur khsbu… crap.. what the hell am I singing…!!! how pathetic!!!!!.. never mind) ya the sun, moon, the entire creation becomes alive & divine. But in lust even a living being becomes merely an object. An object to fulfill your desires & needs.

I’m not sure where these blog is heading to as I’m unable to express what exactly I wanted to write about and what I’ve been writing till now. So that’s it I’m giving up from here. Hope you won’t mind.. (and even if you do mind it… WTH).


When I met her I used to think I’m the only person in world who is in love.

When I got her Lust came free with her.

When I got married I’m in love again.. so much in love…


(Courtesy: Some experiments done on myself… by me)


What side are you in????

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I don’t quite like what i am doing... I don’t quite do what i like... I try to stay aloof but i cant...I try to come closetop-things-to-do-when-bored but i cant...

Life seems a series of consequent paradox of "can and cant" and "do and don'ts"

I tried real hard last few prove to myself that I can make the best of my situation...if life is giving me they say...lets make a lemonade...

In my case though...i did make the lemonade...but it just wasn't "sweet" enough...

I don't think anyone reading this would really understand (except roma, piyush, pratik, parth etc etc… )  what I am trying to say...or may be they will...(consequent paradox there...again!)

I feel okay honestly...about the fact that how much ever business you still are seen as just another employee...and your presence and absence means nothing to anyone...

Its somewhat like loving love a person selflessly the extent that what ever they do or don't hurts...but doesn't really matter to still feel the same...

I think that is a good thing...that is real affection and care...

I did give it my best shot...and I am happy about that...

I need a break...need some love in life i guess...bored of the routine and worthless effort....

Btw...Have you noticed how soo few actually understand what you are saying or feeling?

aahh....only if it was easy to find someone you can talk aimlessly...its getting difficult day by day!