Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I don’t quite like what i am doing... I don’t quite do what i like... I try to stay aloof but i cant...I try to come closetop-things-to-do-when-bored but i cant...

Life seems a series of consequent paradox of "can and cant" and "do and don'ts"

I tried real hard last few months...to prove to myself that I can make the best of my situation...if life is giving me lemons...as they say...lets make a lemonade...

In my case though...i did make the lemonade...but it just wasn't "sweet" enough...

I don't think anyone reading this would really understand (except roma, piyush, pratik, parth etc etc… )  what I am trying to say...or may be they will...(consequent paradox there...again!)

I feel okay honestly...about the fact that how much ever business you do...you still are seen as just another employee...and your presence and absence means nothing to anyone...

Its somewhat like loving someone...ummm...you love a person selflessly sometimes...to the extent that what ever they do or don't hurts...but doesn't really matter to you...you still feel the same...

I think that is a good thing...that is real affection and care...

I did give it my best shot...and I am happy about that...

I need a break...need some love in life i guess...bored of the routine and worthless effort....

Btw...Have you noticed how soo few actually understand what you are saying or feeling?

aahh....only if it was easy to find someone you can talk aimlessly...its getting difficult day by day!



Kedar said...

I don't quite understand what you're upto actually through this post as obviously I'm not listed in the names.
But still from your tweets/FB writes I can see your state of mind is unbalanced and your round shaped physique have affected your emotionally stability.

I'm not much aware about work-related-issues but all I can suggest you is a leave your routine. Don't even by mistake follow your routine.

"just another employee" > Accept is, don't feel anything about it. I will answer this as: "They're just another employer"

Love your work, do it OR Hate it and kill it.

"need some love in life" > I presume you're the lucky guy and do have your love in life. What you need actually is Time for love.

Finally, " you can talk aimlessly..." > I hope you have my #.

I hope I'm not missing anything to comment on.

Remember Change Is Inevitable, and seems like big change is coming into you. Adapt it in your way.

K said...

Ignore grammar above as i can't edit... ;)

roma said...

I somehow agree with your friend who has posted comment above me in some points. Like he said, you really have to accept it that you are lucky to have the love of your life with you. Not many people are lucky as you are.

When it comes to work, I completely sympathize with you. I agree that whatever attempts you make, however you have sacrificed on your personal and social level, it ultimately hardly matters when it comes to management. I would like to quote a line from Linkin Park here "I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end...it doesn't even matter" Sounds so true in our case too.

But I think its not too late to mend. You can still steal a few moments called "life" from this busy schedule and work pressures. The more you take, the more you get seems the case here.

So lets sometimes laugh like crazy, take less pressure, get less frustrated, love more and spend time with our loved ones (for whom we mean the world). And if you get too much frustrated, lets go to the terrace, watch pavagadh and shout loudly ;)

You talking such things doesn't look good, really. I have always seen you as having a happy-go-lucky nature (almost similar as mine). Life does take its toll on us sometimes, but it is only then when the real test results come out. So lets give our best shot and show it to HIM (god) that boss, we can prove ourselves even in these testing times.

Hahahaha..bau philosophy thai gayi. Was just going with the flow. Will keep adding more thoughts (if any).

ABhi said...

@Kedar First of all Thakns for the reply.
1st thing 1st, it's not that round shape that's so disturbing me, it's the time that i'm not able to put out to make that ROUND object into a V object. :)

2nd My limited scope for Baroda (Gujarat) is what is eating me as an employee. The experience was Best so far, but now things has started to change... Can't discuss by writing (already faced issue in past, u may know it)

3rd Hell ya.. My meaning was time for love, Having a loved one but not having time for love is same as "need some love in life".
N ya.. have ur Number but don't have time to call ya.. :D

Thanks for reply, anyways....

ABhi said...

1st thing look my above comments for "need some love in life".

2nd "Linking Park" stuff was too good... :)

3nd "laugh like crazy, take less pressure, ....watch pavagadh and shout loudly"
Surely.... It's not time for those KRAKA..........LAKA moments... :)

The sweat has been spread, now it's time to reap the AWE....SOME.....benefits of it..