Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time Mgmt Tips...

Just when i come to Singapore i realize how important time management is, went pass by a tweet about bullets points for time manangement. Sharing them to share with others ;)

When you take control of your time, you take control of your life!
  • Start your day with a plan of action (make your to-do list the night before) (I've already started it here.)
  • Maintain balance in your life (I do)
  • Get enough sleep (I do)
  • Be flexible (I need to work on this)
  • Don’t be a perfectionist ( You kidding!! I'm not )
  • Reward yourself (I do)
  • Don’t waste waiting time (use this time wisely) (I do waste time in waiting.. So need to work on it.)
  • If you can’t sleep, don’t waste time lying in bed, get up and do something (learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer) (I liked this one.)
  • Plan more (I do)
  • Don’t waste time regretting your failures, just look ahead and be excited about the future. (I do)
  • Trust your instincts and believe in yourself. (I do)
  • Before you start a task, ask yourself WHY are you doing it, if your answer is not convincing, do something else! (Need to work on it)
  • Allow yourself to relax and do nothing for BRIEF periods, and don’t feel guilty about it. (I'm pro in this.)
  • PRIORITIZE your to-do-list (I do)
  • Focus on one day at a time (I do)
  • Live for the moment – DO IT NOW! (I don't! Need to work on it.)
  • Itemize, categorize, prioritize, crystallize… but just do it. Take action!
  • Never miss a chance to admire beautiful clouds or a rainbow. (The only thing i admire most is Beautyyyyyy..)
Most Common Time Wasters:
  • Planning (lack of)
  • Priorities (lack of)
  • Telephone Interruptions
  • Disorganized/Cluttered Desk
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of Self Discipline
  • Ineffective Delegation
  • Crisis Management
  • Inability to say NO

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun with foto.

kedar.nitty-witty.com uploaded many mind blowing pics on his album. Looking at some of them and laughing out couldn’t stop tears from my eyes.

Not all would be able to analyze, understood the real meaning of the each pic. Sharing some of the amazing art samples here :-0

Note: No copyright has been yet taken from kedar for this!!!!

* Let’s start with Harder one…. Try to interpret below 2.

OgAAANhzwGzR9_a3OxF7Nfx7ZvNVA034R_fTq1knTBWPkOwTRsYo9oBgh20W3e7DQSAr3zWoNTbFPGM0C5WYnha785sAm1T1UEggeTCBcNN2nATXMGTl1LkzDpvU OgAAANze_6XYR-ux1JWPp1BdhpTYN10OEW1e4pZsZs1SOV82mwe-6neiDtSvjMLNwPO8i6JR6zznDzo3dVSlZ8iu_o4Am1T1UIQMiJgUO5lXRDnaz3hSAarV-xTZ

* 2nd is specially for Recession

OgAAAP4x1p3fEnYZ9SP6bfE46FkdWPJHGyY4G2dqvFBsSrWeteCeKy_xPxKmoVZ5crOprJV5vG2rCuX6V9e8tQhyTAoAm1T1UNG_u0UiiXb6G2_ccDMfNX-r87hk OgAAAPyRCPaJfmVQRpbHWzruhp7tX9pcEQN7kw5mzwurneBtNuW2BrM85H0omVJ-1h4l4WtKfPHwzivy4lrszywQ3_gAm1T1UJGUAc_TnThoc7705sTX-hXI3GDJ

3. ;-) You know what it means!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OgAAAGjyxKthglm3cnUyziIPYczL7aM168kybKSenI_nr5rAwv1ko3MfQ7ssTiG9HrWQyiVkAJGGOEsTp2CGWZnzxbIAm1T1UGg3seciuFmnEUzH78vUZL6sNqmW OAAAAI3mBLXZWf9zgg227dNULiz5ZAgQMP0dfu6TjduzfueIZzUK0S-DWV8TgYGjwbt4yWzP58kSyC6QMzpY1X2i0NwAm1T1ULDTa5BnW93-ddfJjD-6ACjq3e-u

* This one is BEST

OgAAAFVLtj-RfAS1nK8fjkoAAtI-hKLXXNC8xIctlJv6MpecOvpoxkGAwEdbES0IT8lCRx300uR815UbauMC5-QNeFAAm1T1UMsjijbjDuXsI-65b6QOZ3NCRTUT OgAAAEKEkag90_WktKhk8rdV6eZKHB9rojh_TkNCCqhhGtgjSkR5HvelQkedaIhrAR0cH_OoDehO1N_Okp2G4ndB7P8Am1T1UAhtbntjSX1j1bUSbLH_vzZtPmc6

No Comment!!!!!

OgAAAAkgIE684DSmBzp-Qr6X0PQ9ahFNaL1gO0L3KHz5hmvnwU1X6YTQyqM2MlLffZXmHNPWMDNu5sjqPGC94e2mlJsAm1T1UPOUWQLWqywznPpQsX-E3OnUZrCF  OgAAAEvZApii9P6nn-DPtvTeJEwtza13s7CDtOmzS5sNLmjB4S0ve2BeRYISDFBWvDuZqtZVu6aFmu4UCfSY3TH6UloAm1T1UHpLV6Xdzg67blYLjYrUDEfx31pL 

* For all you SMOKERS…

OgAAAI2FeUhxH57L8u0r3yQFD4OHY44WdSCE5p46ZxZJ1_oTqjk3lFKT9B0xQA_oJ1rKkiAVLReXiuiW11Ex_nai_1MAm1T1UGhwMjotGhQgQXxOcdZu1qXZS5dC  OgAAAAtAu4yx0MmgPMHoTjTER8OsbPCbeJwBEh9akUDshYVSDnzGeYIGnpGLit37sqBorZ7ed7b1ObUJQMB7j9sgzgQAm1T1UCqIRYpsHsTZ6CMg5Mejk5d9pzLJ

* 1. I never knew it can be written in plural like this. Ignore the hole in the door.

* 2. ;-)

OgAAABxsTXJ1XHb1NmofbOgKsrq6U4HtAi7n3jrVNoAqygzMJBdLDkRfA4x1rED5G7JU3F5vuVZ7pFRIAF3cHooj6q4Am1T1UCM0957ZamjHUq08-kr1s7GhFk8L OgAAAOdWXS1WuaHq96WWNoFxLWEw350oH5UM62P994LDn-mo3XZ89gVF8d7gRQtxA3dPVS-8y3EE_Vn-tQVfr6cbUzcAm1T1ULOiTcB1nFPho8biEt-0ckd3Dfzb


OgAAAO-ocyUyKmRZdMbvlrInJwBku5Wd9QcnUbcGhag3hPZFK-nQDO-gZZZFuwUdhrRq1UTewpfmQElkdqR5-qVYyF8Am1T1UHzOAYFwZa3JUZPorKquS7TS-8kU  OgAAAJe23-HbFFkfR864YYJRJRISkkY4FrWMc9EkfqEfDIR76uvZ660BfrlbC1Fpyo6D7ryfn-iwdgfIxHVjunKzIOwAm1T1UHUDSG9PB_h5-oTO8eH_nnKykHXB

* 1. You can wonder what would be happening over there…..

OgAAAMUyjgjmIW1TtRbOmr0rYWyAa1_qdls43UmQQOnYiMvbNYpx9fK4oLbfGSpJowPGWE0hYpVOMbi6OTEWzitmMR0Am1T1UB_ua9GlrbDsvuUsOvr02uL4RKzp OgAAALyElEt4MmKVNE3z3tzCWFumuKT038nmdPBnJXxsajTfnt1i4yaPqDHYGcrhwPoK7yI0QP2PBrfepusp42gYeEcAm1T1UEza9L_f7ISelOLS-vN34yxegUOZ

* 2. I thought MODi would be already doing those stuff

OgAAAJu0jJiqnydESrYTMCtX7B_tpIcPVgLMNIaYVyi6b9OHt9200IJPNGrM_oRivxSKVkNiT5UnGG8SCW42Nt4ckVAAm1T1UO7M7ccjmjJWlkDpA-WRgOQK5i8h OgAAAI4WqRaiPXBQ_LG7Suq-hPxu5wIakxo-yOfZ7BFj6LY-wDsvx6k3EU9oM4KTUkRckEa13ahjJvjnpweOQ9t_RTcAm1T1UBQubcZJdEamv-AZnF2LW8rwLJ8o

* Now who the hell, tries AGARBATTI….!!

OgAAAOWFxDTTsI_NYOhliAL6yoronw2swqU49pfLjEDkUobqsXh2XuV5H1j7nfJt124H8AL83th9LO04pkhJOLllcH4Am1T1UIqQFWsN38udybi91gDa4m3LlSS3 OgAAAGYLIoREQopBDJ3EfHD3OoBiH7fp34UJv6O03fjrAY-z4O89QlSzrjaEGqXQsMtttK8aoE02gofvTcAhvofWma0Am1T1UOXFiQ8__RII6iI6tXzO3w4N1ttW

*. You got it all wrong….. ITEM is dish

*  A Bug from icici atm.

 OgAAAE-3fWy_2t5uzzSrZqq_dxbtW_XJdfjLGqStwUyKFbiW1rsdt6JlkoL5BXMkd58Rr2S2-L8jvYE8qlcDLdgQp7QAm1T1UOwvXA0g9aSgguxbbFwNvSEbTdl3 OgAAAFAutg_jrh1AXOLUAmnkgNgF8puM67s-wIubtJe0Z2RxbGPykVmHxbHU4M26HA-E9NHgLgs-RN3iY7vu56VGjHQAm1T1UMigmR0L6fXW-CJhYzvRIdLtZM1X


Thanks KEDAR!!! Bole to ekdum ZERIIIIIIII chhe.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Things to carry

Every time I’ve to search for these items. I wonder how many other persons would be doing the same. So here we go. I’m creating my itinerary list for my next Singapore travel.

If I'm missing anything here, please add into the comments.

  1. Clothes (5-6 pair formal )
    • T-Shirt
    • Shorts
    • Chaddi (My favorite ) (as much as possible)
    • Ties (2-3) [I don’t need this.]
    • Hangers
    • Sweater + Winter jacket
  2. God idol. (Must must must item……)
  3. Shoes (Formal + Sports), chappal (is reqd), socks
  4. Shaving Kit
  5. Soap (bathing + washing), deodorant, perfume, toothpaste/brush, shampoo, moisturizer, hair comb, gel.
  6. medicines (Cough, cold, anti vomiting, fever, pain killer, iodex, moov, vicks) + doctor’s prescription (I missed this item last time and got in trouble.)
  7. Eatables (chivda, mithai, Maggie, readymix, daal )
  8. Camera
  9. mobile with charger
  10. PSP [My favouriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee] ***** (5* for this item)
  11. Laptop with charger
  12. Country based electric pin or converter.
  13. Passport, tickets, forex etc.
  14. hair oil
  15. Invitation letter, accommodation letter

Keep adding if more item if I'm missing anything here. So i can update the list.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Old Story…

One of my best friend ‘Jimi’, once came out with a story. Story happened during my college life.

a1 a2

a3 a4 a5 a6

a7 a8

a9 a10

a11 a12


Thanks…………… JIMI

Monday, September 14, 2009

Angelina Jolie is 'Wanted'

Superb, superb, superb!!! I wonder how come i never heard much about this movie till yesterday. ‘Turn the Bullet’ is actually copied in Scary Movie but i wasn’t aware that it was copied for this one. Many question will raise regarding the story after watching the movie.

Twist and turns, special effects, No S*x, Full ON action.. what else a real boy can demand for. I was watching the movie alone but some of the scene made say ‘vvoohhhooo’ (Specially when Angeline comes out of the bath pool.) Also remembered the scene when angeline took james mcavoy in her red sexy car. i bet you’ll shout out loud when you’ll see the scene. Apart from two persons fighting you’ll also get to see two bullets fighting with each other.

The amazing tattoos and black curve below Angeline's back is the most beautiful, adorable scene. So many thing to say but have only little time i’ll leave you with the purview here which’ll make you go crazy for it.

Rate: 10/10.

Moral of the Movie: You can do anything what you want. Hard work is what is needed.

Note: Girls should avoid this movie ;-)

18 years old virgin

Another movie which made me a bit curious was 18 years old virgin. A girl looking for loosing her virginity in a night, goes through different stupid stages, dumb people. Shaving pubic hair, master****, s*x (stupid and funny).

Boys Go for it…. Girls should also see it ;-)

Rate: 7/10.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


While bhakti is in Paris, i finally got a chance to give my hand on an Pretty popular photo embedding site. ‘PhotoFunia’. I think primary goal of this site is to mix your photo with some other picture to create an amazing creation which you can only fantasize to be.

E.g. I’ll like to have my photo on a cup of tea (Specially women enjoying that cup while having tea/coffee). I’ll love if angelina jolie would wear a T-shirt with my print on it.

Try yourself http://www.photofunia.com/

So that’s it? For fun you can also alter your colleague's picture into an unwanted space. See the last picture.

ChNY5vdqMQS0XV9bNJIl3w PhotoFunia-1661d7a   PhotoFunia-1662eca PhotoFunia-1663087


PhotoFunia-166232e PhotoFunia-1660488 jkmys_hDY6YljbHFYhLwJQ


Last and Final… My Favorite….. Guess who’s in the picture?????

EtiIAgQkXu7L-k6yHo_ZgA I didn’t expected it from you Buddy!!!! :) LOL

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Programmers top 10 sentences

Came across this amazing finding about software programmers. Go through each of them and specify number of situations you have faced out of 10. My count is 9/10. The only thing that hasn’t happened to me is 7th.


Have a happy coding.

1.- WTF!

The most repeated sentence in code reviews…


2.- It works in my machine!

We all have used this one when blamed for some error…

3.- D’oh!

- Hi Homer, have you removed the debug code from production?

4.- It will be ready tomorrow.

The problem with this sentence is that we use it again the next day, and the next day, and the next day…

5.- Have you tried turning it off and on again?

The TV series  ”The It Crowd” have helped to make this one even more popular…

6.- Why?

Why do we keep asking why?

7.- Is not a bug, it’s a feature.

- It restarts twice a day?!! Well that makes sure that the temporary files get deleted!


8.- That code is crap.

All code is crap except mine.

9.- My code is compiling…


10.- No, I don’t know how to fix the microwave.

For some reason, non technical people use to think that every thing with buttons can be fixed by a programmer…