Sunday, September 13, 2009


While bhakti is in Paris, i finally got a chance to give my hand on an Pretty popular photo embedding site. ‘PhotoFunia’. I think primary goal of this site is to mix your photo with some other picture to create an amazing creation which you can only fantasize to be.

E.g. I’ll like to have my photo on a cup of tea (Specially women enjoying that cup while having tea/coffee). I’ll love if angelina jolie would wear a T-shirt with my print on it.

Try yourself

So that’s it? For fun you can also alter your colleague's picture into an unwanted space. See the last picture.

ChNY5vdqMQS0XV9bNJIl3w PhotoFunia-1661d7a   PhotoFunia-1662eca PhotoFunia-1663087


PhotoFunia-166232e PhotoFunia-1660488 jkmys_hDY6YljbHFYhLwJQ


Last and Final… My Favorite….. Guess who’s in the picture?????

EtiIAgQkXu7L-k6yHo_ZgA I didn’t expected it from you Buddy!!!! :) LOL


Евгений said...

There is another web site to create a funny photos - fun photos

ABhi said...

Thanks for sharing Buddy!!!