Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 3: Friday was FUNDOO day!!!

These positive things working pretty well for me so I think. I’m gonna make a habit. Planning to write another blog containing 3 positive things of the day. I’m searching for a name.. Any suggestion? 

Anyways here are today’s 5 positive things happened to me.  

Nice morning Jogging even without music. 

Ahaa!!! When is the last time you had enjoyed ur time without any distraction? Distractions like music, movie, tv, internet etc. I know you probably will argue (like chaku does) that they are for pleasure and enjoyment only. No they are not. You won’t learn that unless you’ll leave it for a while. I’ve tried in last 2 months. Leaving news-paper (week), music(7 days), psp (5 days) etc etc.

Let your mind be free. Free of unnecessary noises & voices & infos for a while. Just give it a try… It’s baap of awesomeness… I had this same baap of awesomeness feeling in garden today when I finally ran for half n hour without earn plugs funcking in my ears.

Great day at office at end with bug fixing.

I felt I was screwed with these constant feedbacks from customer on the last moment. But then gave my 100% (though it came a little late in day) and resolved many issues. Night was beautiful after it.

Bataka paua…

That’s my favorite snack (which I’m getting in dinner now :D) . A smile suddenly was blinking on face when she told me that she’s made bataka paua in dinner. After positive office day, this was another reason for a very good evening.

FUNDOO time with honey at night.

Had fun full evening with baby. Laughed too much remembering old days.!!!!

Tea-time chit chat… with frnds.

It all started for fixing the trip for champaner but eventually ended up discussing “savita bhabhi” (my fav) with few friends. + mara smart joke to kharaj :D
    5 Positive things happened with Chaki
      1. Finally my lession plans are complted and ready for submission.
      2. Had a great FUNDOO time with lavu at evening.
      3. It was mom’s b’day and I wished earlier than my Bro.
      4. Abhlu came early (8:30 is early now) today and had hell lot of time together. J
      5. Enjoyed my evening tv serial with tea.

    Friday, July 30, 2010

    Day 2: It’s raining Awesomeness!!!


    Don’t know if it’s because of my positivity or what, but day was just krakalaka (even though I was supposed to work like donkey for the whole day). Day 2 went pretty well. The only sad thing was that I couldn’t find more people join the revolution. Anyways, here are my good things of the day.


    Nice potty in the morning. 

    It’s not that often when my poo… poo goes THIS well, but without disgusting everyone’s day with my poo… poo story I’ll come to bottom line. It was LEGEN…

    wait for it…..

    wait for it…..


    Reached office early & did good work!!

    It’s difficult to find peaceful time at office (many times it’s because of me only :D ), but I found it in morning. All issues (as far as I know) are resolved so gonna have peaceful night now.

    Saw chaku laughing like child.

    Once again, not the first time, but I just love to see her laughing like this. It happened at lunch time when she asked me to eat curd. My expression made her laugh at least for next 5 minutes.

    Happens everyday!!!

    It’s priceless!!!

    Enjoyed Munna bhai MBBS again…


    I wont’ forget this movie for lifetime. I’ll even show this movie to my child and grand child. It’s not just a good movie for me, so many things are attached with munna bhai’s MBBSgiri. It was like medicine to me when chaku decided to leave MCA during college.

    I’ve watched this atleast 15-20 times in those days and can still watch it again. J It was awesome evening after watching the movie


    Got nice movie collection from ALPS

      • Clash Of The Titans
      • The A Team
      • Downfall (2004)
      • Gods Must Be Crazy Part1
      • Gods Must Be Crazy Part2
      • How To Train Your Dragon
      • Ninja Assasin
      • Shanghai Express
      • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

    5 Positive things happened with Chaki

    • Smooth day at school!!!!
    • Nice gesture from my Lavu in the lunch. I just loved the way he makes me laugh and makes me feel so good.
    • Talked with Bro after so many days.
    • Saw a nice dream in my siesta.
    • Fewer clothes to wash so spent good time in reading.

    C ya tomorrow (it’s Friday) so gotta be Baap of AWESOMEness.. I wish to visit champaner this Saturday. I wish I can add this champaner trip as one of the positive point of Day 4 list.

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Day 1: Kick start of Positivity


    Oh!!! It wasn’t that tough to get 5 positive points for the day.

    Woke up early. 


    Ya I know it may not be a big deal for some of you but its pretty important for me. Waking up just even little late, messes up with my complete schedule. My bed tea, poopy time, exercise/jogging schedule etc etc. I woke up from the bed in just one shot. Bolle to rock n roll at 6:25 a.m.

    Spent half an hour for myself.

    As soon as I get some I put myself into next task it can be anything, watching tv, game on psp, tv series, music or anything, which eventually left no time for myself. By myself here I mean to say for my SOUL. Watching tv, psp, music is to please your senses but spending quite moments with yourself is to please or recharge your soul.

    It’s very simple.

    • Sit relaxed on bed /lie down on bed.
    • Take deep breaths (should be done in 5 seconds) holding it for 20 seconds & then releasing it slowly (should be done in 10 seconds)
    • Feel your heart beat & count them to gain focus.
    • After continuing above for 10-15 minutes, try to gain focus on your thoughts.

    THAT’S IT… Easy right? He he he!! Not so hurry buddy. It’s tough but must must must thing to do.

    Fixed quite a few bugs today.

    Office day was normal. I was able to fix many bugs for android release I’m having on Friday. Tomorrow is gonna be judgment day.

    Number of પપ્પી got from chaku was around 50 only.

    This may sound weird to some of you but yes number of પપ્પી I got from my HON was under 100 today (which happens quite rarely). Sometime I get fed up with her constant involvement/attack on my chicks. Chicks start shouting NO NO NO, but she’s like sehvag who once gets started can’t be stopped.

    Stayed back home while I was supposed to go to office.

    I didn’t want to make my Thursday dirty with lots of pending things to do, so I was thinking of coming late to office. At the last moment I’ve decided not to go there, spend time with HON (may be we’ll watch TERE BIN LADEN now). I’ll reach office early tomorrow. ;)

    And ya it’s not necessary for you people to write as much as i’ve written regarding ur 5 + points. You can write it in સંક્ષેપ as chaki does.

    Positive points from Chaki.

    1. I was supposed to get my assignment signed by B.ED. faculty which was done in lunch time.
    2. Nice time with AB with morning, which eventually made me laugh even when I was walking alone in garden.
    3. This tooth pain was lower compare to yesterday.
    4. Day at school was good. Got 2 free lectures finally which I’m getting pretty rarely these days.
    5. I was able to take out 20-25 minutes for B.ED. reading.

    Have a good night every one!!! See ya tomorrow with second positive day.

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    5 days of positivity!!

      Ya ya ya!! Some of you FUN loving ppl may not find this interesting, but yes, I’m gonna write about some experiments I’m doing these days.
      Those who are living around me must have read me leaving outside food for month or quitting social n/wing for weeks, leaving news paper for a while etc etc.
      The reason behind leaving these all items is
      1. Mind Control
      2. Check your power will.
      I’ll write more about it in separate blog but today I’m starting one more thing for week, which is to indulge myself into the ‘pleasure of positivity’. I learned this technique from Shunty.
      Although note that I’m not at all negative thinking person, I still wanted to give it a try to strengthen my thinking & guiding my followers (which don’t exist) on the same path.
      To get rid of Negativity your job is not to find your negative points, but to find every possible POSITIVE thing in your life.                                                             -Swami Abhishekanand.
      The task is simple and easy. Write down 5 positive things happened to you in a day. It can be anything, any damn thing.. e.g.   

    1. Reached home early from office. (Are u kidding!!)

    2. Won a carom game at office!!!

    3. Bought new clothes.
    Nothing to lose here so every one of you can give it a try. Me and ‘My HON’ is starting it from tomorrow.
      ઓકે તો કાલે મળશું મારા અને તમારા હકારાત્મક વિચારો સાથે..  ત્યાં સુધી બધાને મારા "જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ"

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    શહેર નો ઘોંઘાટ.

    શોધી રહ્યો છું શાંતિ, એ મન ની મોક્ળાશ જાણે ક્યાં ગયી છે. દમ ઘૂંટાય છે હવે મારો આ શહેર ના ઘોંઘાટ માં.

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    INDI YILLI RASKALA #Rajnikant Rocks

    What would be life without having SUPREME power. The only problem is that it exists in books & in character (like spidy, batty & HE-man etc). The real fun is only when you can see those actions performed by normal (oopss I should be hang rajnikanttill death to use word normal for this ultra ordinary buddy) human being.
    Here’s some of the amazing power imaginations coming straight from the GREATER than the GREATEST Ranji master.
    Rajnikanth doesn't breathe. Air hides in his lungs for protection.
    When Rajnikant sneezes, a black hole is created.
    Rajnikant is biological father of Katrina. Not actress, the hurricane!
    There are only four dimensions in our universe, length, width, depth and Rajnikant
    We could see dinosaurs around today if one of them didn't mess with Rajnikant long ago.
    The Bermuda triangle is Rajnikant's restroom.
    Rajnikant and opportunity knock only once.
    Rajnikant once ate Iphone3 and crapped Iphone4 out!!
    Rajnikant doesn't follow anybody on twitter. Twitter follows Rajnikant
    Rajnikant can breathe in space..
    Rajnikant can stop time.
    New York has Spiderman, Gotham City has Batman, we have Rajnikant
    Rajnikant k aate he cows apne aap milk deti h and murgi aande
    Rajnikant doesn't need a bat, his index finger is enough!!
    Death once had a near Rajnikant experience!!!
    Rajnikant does not head-butt. Last time he did it caused the
    Rajnikant doesnt go into opponents half to score, he just hits the ball against his own goal post and the ball rebounds into opponents goal
    Rajnikant don't need a gun. he just FARTS and gameover:D
    Rajnikant has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.
    Speed travels at the rate of Rajnikant
    Rajnikant doesn't wear a watch...HE decides wat time it is!!
    Rajnikant has counted to infinity-twice.
    The Bermuda Triangle used to be the Bermuda Square, until Rajnikant kicked one of the corners off.
    Last but it’s not althought ENOUGH for him,

    Rajnikant farted. It was the beginning of global warming.

    Courtesy: twitter.