Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 3: Friday was FUNDOO day!!!

These positive things working pretty well for me so I think. I’m gonna make a habit. Planning to write another blog containing 3 positive things of the day. I’m searching for a name.. Any suggestion? 

Anyways here are today’s 5 positive things happened to me.  

Nice morning Jogging even without music. 

Ahaa!!! When is the last time you had enjoyed ur time without any distraction? Distractions like music, movie, tv, internet etc. I know you probably will argue (like chaku does) that they are for pleasure and enjoyment only. No they are not. You won’t learn that unless you’ll leave it for a while. I’ve tried in last 2 months. Leaving news-paper (week), music(7 days), psp (5 days) etc etc.

Let your mind be free. Free of unnecessary noises & voices & infos for a while. Just give it a try… It’s baap of awesomeness… I had this same baap of awesomeness feeling in garden today when I finally ran for half n hour without earn plugs funcking in my ears.

Great day at office at end with bug fixing.

I felt I was screwed with these constant feedbacks from customer on the last moment. But then gave my 100% (though it came a little late in day) and resolved many issues. Night was beautiful after it.

Bataka paua…

That’s my favorite snack (which I’m getting in dinner now :D) . A smile suddenly was blinking on face when she told me that she’s made bataka paua in dinner. After positive office day, this was another reason for a very good evening.

FUNDOO time with honey at night.

Had fun full evening with baby. Laughed too much remembering old days.!!!!

Tea-time chit chat… with frnds.

It all started for fixing the trip for champaner but eventually ended up discussing “savita bhabhi” (my fav) with few friends. + mara smart joke to kharaj :D
    5 Positive things happened with Chaki
      1. Finally my lession plans are complted and ready for submission.
      2. Had a great FUNDOO time with lavu at evening.
      3. It was mom’s b’day and I wished earlier than my Bro.
      4. Abhlu came early (8:30 is early now) today and had hell lot of time together. J
      5. Enjoyed my evening tv serial with tea.

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