Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 1: Kick start of Positivity


Oh!!! It wasn’t that tough to get 5 positive points for the day.

Woke up early. 


Ya I know it may not be a big deal for some of you but its pretty important for me. Waking up just even little late, messes up with my complete schedule. My bed tea, poopy time, exercise/jogging schedule etc etc. I woke up from the bed in just one shot. Bolle to rock n roll at 6:25 a.m.

Spent half an hour for myself.

As soon as I get some I put myself into next task it can be anything, watching tv, game on psp, tv series, music or anything, which eventually left no time for myself. By myself here I mean to say for my SOUL. Watching tv, psp, music is to please your senses but spending quite moments with yourself is to please or recharge your soul.

It’s very simple.

  • Sit relaxed on bed /lie down on bed.
  • Take deep breaths (should be done in 5 seconds) holding it for 20 seconds & then releasing it slowly (should be done in 10 seconds)
  • Feel your heart beat & count them to gain focus.
  • After continuing above for 10-15 minutes, try to gain focus on your thoughts.

THAT’S IT… Easy right? He he he!! Not so hurry buddy. It’s tough but must must must thing to do.

Fixed quite a few bugs today.

Office day was normal. I was able to fix many bugs for android release I’m having on Friday. Tomorrow is gonna be judgment day.

Number of પપ્પી got from chaku was around 50 only.

This may sound weird to some of you but yes number of પપ્પી I got from my HON was under 100 today (which happens quite rarely). Sometime I get fed up with her constant involvement/attack on my chicks. Chicks start shouting NO NO NO, but she’s like sehvag who once gets started can’t be stopped.

Stayed back home while I was supposed to go to office.

I didn’t want to make my Thursday dirty with lots of pending things to do, so I was thinking of coming late to office. At the last moment I’ve decided not to go there, spend time with HON (may be we’ll watch TERE BIN LADEN now). I’ll reach office early tomorrow. ;)

And ya it’s not necessary for you people to write as much as i’ve written regarding ur 5 + points. You can write it in સંક્ષેપ as chaki does.

Positive points from Chaki.

  1. I was supposed to get my assignment signed by B.ED. faculty which was done in lunch time.
  2. Nice time with AB with morning, which eventually made me laugh even when I was walking alone in garden.
  3. This tooth pain was lower compare to yesterday.
  4. Day at school was good. Got 2 free lectures finally which I’m getting pretty rarely these days.
  5. I was able to take out 20-25 minutes for B.ED. reading.

Have a good night every one!!! See ya tomorrow with second positive day.


vidhi said...

Hey great yaar!

It's really a very good thing which you both are following. I think in this modern life we never get time to observe our behavior or to meet our best friend - SOUL.

You really inspired me to do the same thing.

Shunty said...

Good one Dude :-) 100 is such a large count!! ;-)

ABhi said...

@vidhi My inspiration would be nothing unless you show me some result.

Stop saying, start doing :)

@Shunty... 100 minimum figure we both came upon agreement. Guess what she wants raise this year!!!! :(

ABhi said...


See this is the thing i was talking about.. Everybody wants to do good things they know for they life... But they don't have time...

Everyone has got 24 hours only... Reduce ur sleep for an hour... And see the difference.