Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 days of positivity!!

    Ya ya ya!! Some of you FUN loving ppl may not find this interesting, but yes, I’m gonna write about some experiments I’m doing these days.
    Those who are living around me must have read me leaving outside food for month or quitting social n/wing for weeks, leaving news paper for a while etc etc.
    The reason behind leaving these all items is
    1. Mind Control
    2. Check your power will.
    I’ll write more about it in separate blog but today I’m starting one more thing for week, which is to indulge myself into the ‘pleasure of positivity’. I learned this technique from Shunty.
    Although note that I’m not at all negative thinking person, I still wanted to give it a try to strengthen my thinking & guiding my followers (which don’t exist) on the same path.
    To get rid of Negativity your job is not to find your negative points, but to find every possible POSITIVE thing in your life.                                                             -Swami Abhishekanand.
    The task is simple and easy. Write down 5 positive things happened to you in a day. It can be anything, any damn thing.. e.g.   

  1. Reached home early from office. (Are u kidding!!)

  2. Won a carom game at office!!!

  3. Bought new clothes.
Nothing to lose here so every one of you can give it a try. Me and ‘My HON’ is starting it from tomorrow.
    ઓકે તો કાલે મળશું મારા અને તમારા હકારાત્મક વિચારો સાથે..  ત્યાં સુધી બધાને મારા "જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ"


Shunty said...
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Shunty said...

The thought is really too good from Swami Abhishekanand!! Hahaha!

Glad to see you started it, will be back to see more. Keep it up!!