Monday, June 28, 2010

What side are you in? Love or Lust?

Love…. For some of the alive human beings event this simple & smallest word brings up a smile or shy. For others its just another excuse to get into a girl’s pants (or skirts .. J) I’m kind person who fall in between this category. I’m sure there would be millions more like me. Anyways I’m not here to talk about, typical difference between love & lust, cause answer for it can be pretty straight forward where love is simply associated with emotions & affection & later on is related dot dot dot (you know what :D)

lust_or_love_57595 Love and lust goes hand in hand, they are dependent of each other. Important of both the emotions should not be .. wait wait.. must not be ignored. Love and Lust both goes hand in hand, and matter of fact I doubt true love would exist between man & woman (wait wait.. man & man also and… woman & woman also lol… ) [Spare the love of mother and child here.. .we’re not talking about it here.. ] so where was i???



Oh ya I doubt true love would exist without even minor existence of lust.

Two things that both love and lust have common are,

  • They start with letter ‘L’… (sorry.. just kidding)


  • They both are blind.


It’s hard for some people to figure out whether they’re in winner of love or victim of lust, those whose strongly believe that they are in love, that feeling might just be a burst of boiling blood crawling for short time, which when given proper time turns out to be a mistake only. Time is the only factor that can judge your existence in love or lust.

In love even an object is elevated to life, stones & trees speaks to you; the sun, the moon (I just remembered a son here, ‘chand sitare phul aur khsbu… crap.. what the hell am I singing…!!! how pathetic!!!!!.. never mind) ya the sun, moon, the entire creation becomes alive & divine. But in lust even a living being becomes merely an object. An object to fulfill your desires & needs.

I’m not sure where these blog is heading to as I’m unable to express what exactly I wanted to write about and what I’ve been writing till now. So that’s it I’m giving up from here. Hope you won’t mind.. (and even if you do mind it… WTH).


When I met her I used to think I’m the only person in world who is in love.

When I got her Lust came free with her.

When I got married I’m in love again.. so much in love…


(Courtesy: Some experiments done on myself… by me)


What side are you in????


Roma said...

I had to read the post thrice to get a feel of it. Was a bit confusing compared to your other posts. Anyway, I will answer the question you asked in the end.

I am more on the "Love" side. Girls are usually like that. They wish their guy comes as a knight in shining armor. I don't know about all girls, but generally the ones I am in touch with, all of them are like this. Girls would desire for something that is very lovey dovey and romantic. Ya Lust does step in here, but it is always about the deep emotions involved that makes it about perfect.

Actually it does not remain termed as "lust", it becomes "making love", its like falling in love all over again..and yet being in love all the time..hope that made sense..

Lust can be termed as not being only mechanical and being ruled and governed by pure emotions. That is what defines "Love" for me.. :)

It was a good post overall....

ABhi said...

@Roma, perfect comment but i don't quite agree with "Girls are usually like that..." Yes most of girls are like that( say 80%) but not all of them.

BTW that knight.. and shining armor was funny yaar.. Who the stupid still thinks like that yaar..

Shunty said...
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Shunty said...

You've chosen a nice topic!

This has been a topic of debate between me and my x-roommate many times when I was in a'bad.

You have narrated good points here to raise my arguments,
-> Ideally I believe there was/is/should-be NO word like 'true love'.
The word is only 'love' and every love is true. The new-word came into existence because humans complicated their emotions and added a 'logic/manipulation' part into love and feelings.

And that's why it go divided into "Love" and "True Love".
(People fall in 'love' and later they come out and say it was not 'true love'. what the heck!?!?!)

-> Now if we talk about 'love'(I mean the 'love' between opposite sex and not the general term 'love' which we use everywhere),

It is a completely and purely interwoven with sex. (I would recommend sex word here and not lust as the lust sounds more mechanical and lofty)

The chemicals of love and sex are very well blended up in every species and no logic can separate it out.
So don't see them separately, its like a coin with 2 sides.

As the first comment on your blog says, I agree with that 'making love' is the better term instead of lust.

'Lust' would be a separate category word which has only to do with pacifying few chemical boilings in human body. :P

Nice one btw, keep it up!

vidhi said...

Hey finally, u wrote something on my suggested topic(I hope u remember that i had suggested U this topic!!) but u have not written enough.

Anyways, I think "love" includes "lust" and it is natural but if lust eventually become your love then there is something wrong.

ABhi said...

@Shunty Nice to read your thoughts on the same. It was awesome.

--> I've seen many cases of " (People fall in 'love' and later they come out and say it was not 'true love'." but that's totally different topic to talk about. There's 1 more entity where you think you are in love but it's just normal attraction of boy to girl and vise versa. (Called infatuation)

--> Don't confuse yourself with Lust vs Sex vs Love making. Let me tell you what it means to me.
* 'Lust' is emotion/desrire to have sex all the time. Final destination for ppl with lust is sex ONLY.

--> 'Making love' is the best word describing physical attachment between two TRUE LOVES (note true lovers means those ppl whose only destination is love, physical relationship is just minor part of it).

--> Sex, here would mean physical relationship performed by two machines. :D


ABhi said...

@Vidhi Thanks buddy!!! Ya i forgot to mention the real initiator of this topic. Big round of applause for Vidhu vinod chopra. ;p

Kedar said...

AB, I quite agree with roma & shunty's explanations about terms lust and all...

About love I don't much know; probably a feeling of attachment, care, being important...

I'm not good with girls, I believe, my friends know me better...So prefer to keep-mum...

But I like to discuss :)
So let me jump inn...

I believe " -ve poles of a magnet are bound to get attracted but brain is programmed to find compatibility... "

Development of Love:

- you view a person and at first glance u like by looks atleast
- Probably you get chance to know a bit about em', like communications and social know-how at office, collg. or surroundings from friends
- you start liking the basic attributes and u feel comfortable in case you get a chance to have a conversation
- you talk regular basis and you started liking em' as a person too, not only by looks. [atleast i literally HATE beatiful

girls with no brain - "blonde" ]
- amm thats it here is love. [ attraction + affection + compatibility + mutual understanding ]
- later you decide to be with that person for the rest of ur life and all...
++++ I strongly believe there is NOTHING like "love at first sight". It's a joke and those who say that I tend to have -ve

impression :)

** There can be other ways of "love development" but I'm not much aware of.

Development of Lust:

- you see a person, you like the physical attributes / looks and thats it.

Where am I? :
- amm let me admit, I like beautiful girls, I probably look at them twice or even more [not stare, I don't dare to-just

glances]... but no, thats not lust... I actually like some of the properties - talking, behaving, physical presence... and I note it...I will never approach them, that "eats me" :) LOL.
- About love I don't actually believe "it happens". I believe you make it happen. You have to approach, adjust, convey, convince...and don't know what?
- from above descr., you tell me where am I; but I prefer to be on d love side coz that sounds atleast logical :) ... The other side is ofcourse attractive but deceptive.

ABhi said...

LOL on the fact that you can't stare at girls!!!! I'll be ur wingman if you need to learn it ;) I'm PRO at it.

Another AB

Love : You find a person whom you can spend entire life with.

Lust : You find a person who you can spend many NIGHTS with.

mansi said...

Gud all..

Let me share you my perspective:

For me Love is some feeling which gives you feeling of security that someone cares for you and is always there to support you.
And than "make love" to satisfy one's physical need.

Lust is also same thing but without feeling of security and jst mechanical.

ABhi said...

Alright' this question goes to everyone???

What if you are in Love, but unable to satisfy your physical needs with him/her?

What options would you choose? Staying without it forever?? or Cheat her/him for that???

mansi said...

Tough question Abhi..if i am not being diplomatic, I think that depends upon person's attitude and mutual understanding between couple.

ABhi said...

On Behalf of Bhavin (My college)

He thinks that Sex is the only thing we're living here.. even after falling in love, everything will come to "making love only"

FYI He was feeling too shy to post it!!

kedar said...

I believe physical needs have it's importance. But when it comes to a person, you don't let it go just caused by some needs.

As per my understandings you can stand by with "love" against anything, even you, your needs, yourself.

physical needs are dire at certain ages but personal attachment is must in a relation.

I have a question to answer your question: "Will you leave your child coz he's disabled?"

So this was a bit emotion-flavored...

Mind it though and two more points:
+ You can workout with your partner to resolve any issue.
+ Science today can help.

... Question was not good ;)

kedar said...

Why can't I edit my post ... I hate my keyboard's grammatical malfunctioning...

Change Seeker said...

Let it be simple guys,

Lust is when there are no emotions attached, you never try to know how that person is, only importance is the physical features.

Love is when the above does not come in picture. You take time understand and then feel good to be with that person through out your life.

There is nothing in this world like Love @ 1st sight.......

That's called infatuation, and that is different from lust......

Infatuation is when you are developing the liking for the opposite sex, without the end motive of DOT DOT DOT............