Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dasvidania 2008

Ya!!! I know ..., i know it’s a bit late but I’m out of time these days. Coming straight to the point. Let me see the list… hmm…. oh, I think there are plenty of things I would like to remember for 2008. But I’m gonna list only few of them.

Movie of Year:

Gajini was all over my mind just after I saw the movie, Memento. My expectation on gajini got higher after I saw memento but it went in vain. I bet they can’t make it like memento just for the sake of Indian people’s mindset. They want either action or love story and that’s why you saw its combination in Gajini.
But my favourite movie was memento. Damn good direction, damn good acting and damn good plot. The whole combination made Damn, damn, damn good movie. I’ve already watched it twice and planning to see it again. I bet you can’t see this movie with your mind aside. Must watch movie.

I got a bit fat (_|_). Ha, ha, ha. Health wise this was not my year. Fat is ok. I can get rid off it by working out. One thing that is still teasing me is my RSI injuries. My neck got so badly hurt that it could never got recovered. It still pains every morning. I tried acupressure, homeopathy, allopathic treatments but nothing worked out.
I would definitely like to add good Health as one my target for 2009.

One of the different tasks that I did in 2008 was writing blog. Although I use to write diary during my college days, writing a blog was a different experience. Here you have to take care of what you write because there were many persons connected with it. I was excited about my writing at first but one blog changed everything for a while. A blog about my office thing created huge controversy. Things are going smooth these days.

Week of the year
For me week of the year was navratri. This was my best navratri ever. I enjoyed it at its highest. Thought chaku was not with me for entire navratri. She’s not into it that much. There is still one more week I would like to remember here. Rock on at office. The dance competition at office was really a rocking week. We won the competition which made it more enjoyable.

Boom!! It’s all over. The balloon of IT and stock market blasts. It affected me two ways.
1) Salary of IT industry.
2) Stock we have invested.
Don’t want to write any much about these incidents.

Well! That’s it for now. There are many things to write but time is short. I sense a great year coming, 2009. Wish all people a happy new year.

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Kedar Vaijanapurkar said...

yepp !! Dasvidania 2k8.. well even i felt its goot to contribute online ;) hehe... Hmm writing blog is much different than ur Personal-Diary, all can see that... "A blog about my office thing created huge controversy.".. I faced the same, but I have removed those pages now... they were much much hell ;) hehe...

Therez only 1 problem here, TIME to update the blog... keep writing.
C YA...