Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trip to haridwar

Me and my beloved wife had been to this trip to haridwar. The trip was mix of joy and sorrow. WE never had any trip that is awesome uptill now. It's always that something bad comes up in way.

What was this time? This gurjer people's fight for their reservation. Fuck reservation. I, myself is in agains of reservation. Can't believe this government still think people need reservation. Anyways, We spend hell lot of time in trains, and other journeys rather than enjoying trip.

We reached Haridwar, awesome, just awesome. This is the first time i drowned in river GANGA. My goodness. The whole thing about enjoying river was so cool. The water was so chilled that it would just make anyone's mind to forget the entire world. I enjoyed it a lot. Taking bath in ganga two time a day. WOW!!!! What can say about it?

I'm regretting that i coulnd't have any pics of mine taking bath in Ganga. No pics at all. Moving on. we went to Dehradoon, which was again a waste of day in journey(Except one or two hours when we went to Tapteshwar mahadev temple). IT was a kind of temple i've never seen in my life. Searching for food after coming back was real hard job. And more searching for that with bhakti, oh Harder than ever.

Again long journey took us to massorie. Damn! the weather was so good that now we were repending for spending a day in dehradoon. We had good time atlast there.

Coming back from delhi was disgussting. Jorney was so poor that #$%@% Can't describe it here.

Anyways, we have finally decided to cut down our journeys after experiencing all these.

Following are the pics we had taken,








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