Sunday, May 17, 2009

Disco in Singapore

St James Power Station is the destination must-go for those in search of a refreshing entertainment complex like none other in the region. Nine distinctive outlets of live entertainment and music styles in this 60,000 sq ft of seaside space, located in the premise of Singapore's first coal-fired power station built in 1927. It is situated at the HarbourFront precinct next to VivoCity.

That's people describe about St James Power Station. In my words it's a place where i would like die. ;-) First i would like to thank chintan to suggest such a fantastic idea for going in disco club. My initial re-action was O.K. as i was much worried about money i was left with. But after hearing the entree fees at i decided to get it. Finding proper place was tough task as wan't getting good suggestions from people around. We decided to hangout at Dragon fly.

Music was the ultimade guide that helped us reach Disco club after getting down at HarbourFront. As soon as we came out of the vivo city we heard music coming from a direction. That started pumping 20% more blood to my vains. Guess what? We didn't go to DragonFly. Ya After reaching there we changed our mind and went in PowerHouse. Music and Lights were amazing. As we were so early, a fear arised about number of people we were expecting.

After an hour's timepass we finally found DJ luding the music. I waited, controlled myself but it was helpless in front of the music that was being played. I left chintan at table and started grooving. As the time flew by music was getting louder and louder even the songs coming in were so heart throbbing that i hardly could think of anything else. I climbed up on the table parellel to many semi nude girls and then there was no stopping. I did all the steps i could think of. Certaily some girls also enjoyed "kaho na pyar hai" steps and "jai ho from pussy cat dolls." Dancing steps of some of the boys were amazing and cool, i tried some of them but failed ;-( [Damn! So short life and want to do so many things.]

I felt proud later on by getting attention of all the people around. Some of them were curious to join and some of them just pointing fingers. D.J. was good. Music was too good and People was amazing. If i'm coming back in singapore again than i'm definetly in there. The only two thing i repent are
1) i couldn't make chinta dance
2) we didn't take camera with us.

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