Monday, June 22, 2009

go Baby go. PSP.go

I smelled it coming, and it has finally arrived. May be i'm the first one in india to watch this video. While i'm still using my PSP slim 2000 version, PSP.go is up and ready to rock the market in next 4-5 months.

* Bluetooth
* In build flash memory ( 16 GB: That sounds crackalaka...!!! )
* More digital content
* Light version
* Built in Wi-Fi (i guess it is already in my version as well)
* 40% Ligher than previous
* New funky joy stick.

Take a look at here,

1 comment:

kedar said...

Veronica Belmont Rocks :)
Check out wiki -> awards section !!

Okay now comment on the INSTRUMENT ;)
It freking gr8 :) I gotta get my hands on it, see ya soon !!