Monday, December 28, 2009

Six on last ball: Avatar & 3 idiot rocks!!!


avatar_movie_promo_screenshotSome people don’t leave for money, but it’s their passion which keeps them alive. Hats off to the director, James Cameron, for waiting 12-14 years to deliver a master piece. An ordinary director would have declared 2-3 more movies after the success of Titanic, but he took his time in designing a virtual world named “Pandora”. What as a child you would dream of leaving in? A green world with everything so perfect and so good, just like the Pandora planet is. Director has used his imagination power in building all creatures from flying dragon, to running horses and those scary black dogs. 

If you always are getting amused by those 7 colors in rainbow, see the Pandora world describing beauty of all colors you can imagine about trees, sky, water, mountain and almost everything. A must must must watch movie after a long time.

If there is anything that was disappointing about the movie than it was the story line. It’s relatively simple story which could have been better. I guess the directory didn’t wanted to add complexity in the story line to let people explore and dissolve in Pandora world rather than washing up minding in solving out puzzle of a complex story.

I would give it 9/10.


3 Idiots

3-diots I always had this feeling that movie made from book or which got inspired by some other movie takes away the original beauty of the master peace. It happened in past with ‘Hello(a night at call center)’, ‘Da vinci code’, ‘Angels n Demons’ & ‘Gajini’. ‘3 Idiots’ changed my opinion; the book ‘five point someone’ was my first favorite book since I was not a keen reader from my childhood. I would thank Rajkumar santoshi million, billions time for making such movie (no doubt I did the same for munnabhai series). I can’t even think of single actor for the role played by ‘Amir’ (Racho), while madhavan was the one to put me in worry before the release. (Still thank god that it wasn’t Shah rukh khan otherwise the movie story would have been based on love between him and kareen kappoor :P)

Normally I don’t laugh watching movies when I’m with bhakti (don’t know why) but this time I couldn’t stop it for the whole movie. Hats off again second time in week.

Waiting to watch it second time with friends ;-)

It’s 10/10. After a long time.

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