Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diary oh Diary …

While really running out of time, it was difficult to upload ‘original content’ (as chintan) demanded for. Nevertheless i’m definitely going to oil my writing skill as i remember how ppl use to like my writings during college days. Remembering those college days i tried finding some misc stuff from cup-board to inspire my original writing again, i found my diary(diaries).

Yes i used to write diary those days. So i’ve than decided to sharing some of the readable stuff from my diary which you might enjoy starting off with my ‘craziness’ for britney spears in those days.

I used to collect her pictures, cut them, and stick them in back side of my diary. Sharing her pics here by, Enjooooooooy!!!!



P1020816 P1020815


P1020814 P1020813


P1020812 P1020811

Be ready for Reading Stuff next time ;)


Shunty said...

Hahaha!!! I cant stop laughing after watching first photo! Gr8 stuff :)

ABhi said...

If you are laughing @ my phone than you better be worried.
I'm gonna give ur tooth in ur hands when we meet next time ;)

Kedar said...

ohh.... Now I know the reason behind the 48 Hours story of K'fed... LOL !!! ;)
Well, I still don't see words [writing skills] properly, scan em' completely so that I can read it too...
Hehe... and I doubt Shunty is pointing at your "shadows"... next time make sure you take care while clicking :) [p.s. last pic exposes it clearly]

& yes this was "Origial" ;)