Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TweetDeck for Android

TweetDeck is a popular Twitter & Facebook Client for Windows and now stepping on Android platform. TweetDeck for Android v0.9 beta was published on official blog and then was immediately removed and in the mean time it was leaked all over the web. I got lucky to have the application (i also have it’s apk file… ;) 

Apart from Twitter, it also supports Facebook, Google Buzz and FourSquare (i don’t know what this is). The interface is just like the Adobe AIR application for Windows with same color combination. In twitter, it has a feature to add Geotag, Tweet Photo, etc. Moreover, you can add columns for Friends, your own timeline and whatever you like which is same as the desktop application.
Here are some screenshots taken from Motorola Droid ;)

1. Application Start-up.      
2.Home Feeds (Both T & F) 
3. Posting Update.        
4. Tweet summay.

So far the application looks promising, much more to explore, much more to ROCK ;)……
Do try the APP.. You can download the .apk file from here.


kedar said...

hey... remove your hyperlink on "TweetDeck-0.9.8.apk" ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi I can't download the apk????

ABhi said...

Sorry for the mistake,

Better download latest version from market, since they are not providing this .apk file anymore.