Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks Honey!!

Just like a bike is nothing without one wheel, I’m senseless (… wat do you mean I’m always senseless??) without this special person. This person, I narrate as my best half, my nigga’ friend, my bro & sometimes (ya only sometimes) as my friend. Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome one & only, the original piece of an art, Bhakti!! On this special occasion of her b’day, I would like to throw (not literally) some Thankful notes for her.

Honey, I would love to thanks you for,

  • ·         For being my girl-friend when no other (beautiful) girl dalling ghaschara for me,
  • ·         For sneaking from your home & meeting me at nadiyad,
  • ·         For coming back for me,
  • ·         For making me realize how ‘beautiful’ falling in love is,
  • ·         For making stupid mistake of marring me,
  • ·         For writing those love letters for me,
  • ·         For making me khulla sandh in navratri all 9 nights,
  • ·         For b’day surprises,
  • ·         For laughing like baby on my krakalaka jokes,
  • ·         For choosing my clothes,
  • ·         For being my money manager,
  • ·         For cooking awesome breakfast, lunch, dinner,
  • ·         For choosing food at restaurant,
  • ·         For applying oil on my head,
  • ·         For testing my patience & making me strong in it,
  • ·         For giving up after our little nok-jok, :D
  • ·         Thanks for watching TV-soaps in my absence,
  • ·         For being the reason to come early to home from office,
  • ·         For not over shopping with debit card I gave you,
  • ·         For dinner you cook for my friends & family,
  • ·         For giving me my space,
  • ·         For inspiring me to stay in V - shape,
  • ·         For sleeping with your mouth open,
  • ·         For washing my underwear,
  • ·         For watching HIMYM, Two & Half Men, SouthPark, Friends & other shows with me,
  • ·         For correcting my English & doing proof reading for my blog,
  • ·         For allowing me to flirt with other girls ;),
  • ·         For over kisses & love,
  • ·         For still surviving with me,

Google blog service may throw ‘out of memory exception’ if I’ll keep listing out these thanks, so I would rest my fingers here. It’s been a fantastic day, month & year with you. For me every day is your b’day, princess ;)


Anonymous said...

Awesome man............. Just beautifully expressed!!!!!!
Very sweet of u!!!!!! I guess you both are too lucky to have each other so Have a great time......... :) :)

Hiral Desai said...

Lovely..!! I dont think any words can do justice to what all you put down there..!!

P.S. You guys are an inspiration for me, and many more alike..keep going strong, keep rising in Love!! ;)

ABhi said...

Thanks Hiral,

Praise from your mouth is like Rain in the desert.

Still waiting for the address of that secret blog ;)

Happy b'day again.!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you're married :(

I wish i get someone who loves me this intensely..

Love reading u,