Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Diwali celebration at office

Awesome! The way we enjoyed this diwali at office was just amazing. Really! One more festival for all Indian to chill out, hang out and to have dazzling fun. Though I don’t really used to enjoy it like this every year. It’s specially after joining here at office It had become special otherwise it was nothing more than holidays, get to gather and sweets [No!!! I’m not talking about chicks ;-)].

I was still not feeling well because of RSI, but anyhow got a change to sneak from home at reached office putting “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” KURTA. Good news from Nehal really made our mood, a.ha na..ha…. nono noo no no, I’m not going to tell you the good news. Bad news got me trouble last time; don’t want to mess with good news this time. Cool!!!

We started with our ever green dance (‘bebot’), continued by ‘passing the parcel’ game. Now the masala arrived. Nehal won the game and his mind started cooking good games inside. Unbelievably he came up with really good games.

First was an arrange marriage seen; believe me it was hilarious, and so funny especially prashant and vivek’s acting. They started with once again ever green jodi of pathik and karuna. They really geared up all of us for good entertainment. There were moments where I laughed like crazy frog. Karuna was too bad at acting. But they make up for it by outstanding performance from vivek’s part. Really really funny one.

Nookad vala idea was really cool, played by alpesh and his team. It was good to hear Nehal saying he used to sit like us (You can’t count me bad for this, all boys do that!!). Bhavin fitted best for girl’s role. Ha ha ha. Alpesh was as usual master piece. They finished up quite early or may be my expectation was a bit more.

Third was ours, where we played as a java programming checking girls’ HOTTO meter. (Worst script and performance from all of us. No Comments!! ) Parth become compiler, ruchi, shriimant and someone else becomes my source object. I checked them out for their HOTNESS and rest is history.

Fourth was about telling dad about one’s girlfriend and boyfriend (Both belong to different religion. I already faced this situation in real life though religion was not a problem there. But it was much, much, much harder and tougher than this. Khalid & Rafiq were aces among them all. They can be toughest dad and play. Shalini (Girl friend) did really well with her role. And ritest (mr. bean) (Boy friend) what to say about him. Brilliant!!!

And here comes the block buster, EK DUM FADU, best of all play. Nehal agreed to act himself.
(More about it coming soon... )

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