Friday, July 31, 2009

Potter couldn’t win over 23

Number 23

You should’ve guessed the reason for discussing this movie first. AFLATOOOON.  “Your SIN will find you”. I still need some big words to describe how good was the movie. How the hell this Hollywood people do it.? Jim carry rocks again. (as usual). The speed won’t disappoint you. Once you get the grip on the movie, you’ll hardly think about breathing. A Must see One. Once again hats off to story and jim ;-)


Potter bhai

If you are not big FAN of harry baby and still haven’t seen his new movie, “Half blood prince”, you can dismiss the idea. I’ve not read any book of harry potter series which could have been the reason but it’s not. None of my friends really appreciated it mostly because harry and all fall in love. I think the whole movie was about that only. Never mind don’t want to disappoint other Harry fans. The only way it helped me is that i’m now eager for the last movie.


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