Sunday, October 4, 2009

Navratri Rocks (as usual)

It started with some controversies and partitions in friends, but all ended up in a good way. When we first discussed about the place to rock at, i could smell the issues that we are about to face. The very first one to decide where to go. Choice in vadodara is limited mostly to below two places.

  • United Way of Baroda.
  • Arkee (I hope the i’ve spelled it correctly.)

So here we go, i wasn’t sure where to move. My obvious choice was “wherever there are more friends”. I had been to Arkee twice and once to United way. I don’t see much difference other than money and beautiful babes. The united way wins in both the cases. Prices are high (as they thing there are more beautiful girls coming here than at Akee.)

Never mind after asking few friend i made an obvious choice of  “United way”. With bhakti not being around i was hopping it to be a rocking event. Some meeting and discussions made all fellow to move at the common place “United Way of Baroda”.

I had this very happy time until heard the news of my Singapore Visit. I missed some fun in last few days. Here are few pictures to enjoy. :)

Navratri Collection 1
From Navratri

Navratri Collection 2
From Navratri

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