Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twitter Comic Strips :D

Le me admit it first, I’m twitterholic! Since i learned what this thing is I've got addicted to it. While the whole would is tweeting around i still find plenty of my frnd who don’t even know about it. I just met one of my old classmate and asked him to join me. He said i already have ‘orkut’ so don’t need twitter. That basically because he doesn’t know wat the hack twitting is! 

With just 74 workers and established in 2006, twitter has already become one of the top 10 social networking site (with number being Facebook ( i still hate it).

Nevertheless! This post is not to teach everyone what twitter is, but i found some comic strips which i feel somewhat interesting. Some of them made me laugh in my boring trip here in Singapore. For Twitter lover it’s fun :)

Adiosssssssss!!! Enjoy Tweets, Your friends need it :D


MG said...

The "proposal" and "she follows me, she follows me not" were the bets i guess!! :)

MG said...

And of course, "the judgement day"

Shunty said...

hahaha!! hilarious,
my God, I didn't know people are so much into this twitter thing!

Hardik Shah said...

gr8 and hilarious... Specially that Pooping one ;)

ABhi said...

For me Best was "A Tweet Relaship" and mom asking boy to enjoy the sunny day out :D