Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 5: Sit back, relax n enjoy d LIFE.

Still under hangover of  champaner. These kind of trips are memories for entire life. 5th day of Good was

Finally Nice ABs workout  

Just went they started to show up. My laziness brought them back. Wasn’t working on Abs in last one week n those fat shown up again.
Buy finally thank to today’s day as i spend some time on those abs crunches exercise. Feeling light as feather.


Great day @ office….

Though it was late than what i’ve expected ( and promised chaku ) day went pretty well at office.

Finally found place for ear buds.…

I was looking for those noise reduction ear buds since last one month. Finally got a place with chintan’s help where they sell flight stuff n material.


Played games on PSP till late night.…

It’s running guns n bullets till late night. Playing ‘Medal of Honor’ game on PSP late night. Can’t resist it!!!! Thank God and thank to all Game Developers for making Games!!!

Bro’s b’day…

It’s not that usual that me and my brother wishes b’day to each other. I don’t know why!! I feel so lame in doing that with him.
But finally i wished him today for his b’day :)

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