Friday, August 6, 2010

A friend goes by…

One the positive point of today was below mail from Roma: Just when she’s about to leave c-sam.

27431_540185315_791_n Dear Abhishek,
I would like to grab this opportunity to thank you for being an important part of my career and C-Sam and also my personal life. I had a great time knowing a "Krakalaka" image like you. Learnt countless fundas of life from you. Learnt how to enjoy every moment and love unconditionally.
I wish we always remain in touch and wish you all the very best in life and career!! Have a great time and keep people around you smiling (like you always do). I will miss your yawns and witty comments (dont stop commenting on my updates ;))
My personal e-mail id is : *********************
I will keep sending you updates and pictures, will wait for your funny comments too. I dont know more how to play with words, so directly want to "THANK YOU" for everything. It was great knowing and interacting with you. You an awesome human being, my major inspirational figure. (although you have only one pack ab - tummy ..hahaha..)
Roma Mehta
Software Engineer


kedar said...

Correction in signature required? (to be ) X-Software Engineer!!

BTW I'm tired of asking what is this krakalakakakakakaka ???

Shunty said...

And m curious to know there this word has originated from and why it applies to you buddy Krakalalakakakakakakaka??????

Good that u've managed to keep people and friends around you, happy upto such level!! Good. Keep it up dude.

The Magical "M" said...

hey abhi .. me too curious abt "krakalaa"... what does that mean yaarrr ..... hope its not the name of ur chienese GF in SG???? :P