Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kabab me ‘Haddi’

This is the story about me, my girl friend of mca & haCopy of LoveBirdsddi. Back into 2003-2004 & around 15th December, this  memorable event happened. ‘Kal ho na ho’ was a ‘sooper’ hit at that time. I saw it with classmates. I was not that big fan of ‘rukh rukh khan but I enjoyed ‘saif’ & ‘preity’ (ma fav babe ;) Initially there was no intention to see it until below happened.


During our lab I was chatting with frnds about ‘KHNH’. She was sitting in front seat & suddenly she jumped into our conversation. She regretted that she hasn’t watched the movie yet. My intention for discussion was right on target ;) Without wasting time I did dance on the chance [Wow that sounds like ‘shayri’, read it again].

I told her “don’t worry”, we’re going again in case you want to join us”.

She replied with a big smile, big enough to count her 32 teeth.

“Oh Really!! Who all are going for movie?”

Now here was the only chance to grab the knocking opportunity. Usually I always screw up with some dumbass reply, but this time something amazing happened.

“We are going.. , means you & me ;)”, I said.

Bang, It was bang on the target. Is it called flirting with girls??? Seriously she thought I’m flirting with her. Knowing my history, she could have definitely replied “No” a big “NO”. But because of my last life’s good deeds, she rather replied, “Ok!!!!” It was not just Ok, I was freaking opening gate to our relationship. My mind was fully occupied with all different thoughts. I don’t know what happened afterward for the rest of the day in college.

There was a chilling excitement in my gang when I told them about it. Now here comes the role of villan. ‘Haddi’ also joined the walk. Just like a dog can sniff the killer, our villan got a hint that ‘she’ is planning to watch movie but nobody told him when he asked. (Thanks guys). Nobody wanted him to join the movie. He finally asked it to HER & she said,

“Me & ABhi are going so far.”

“Wow, yaar that’s my favourite movie. Can I join you guys” asked that idiot.

WTF!! Didn’t his mom teach him any manners? At first I thought he’s kidding with us & just saying it to tease me & her. But he wasn’t….. he freaking wasn’t kidding.

I started getting ready with trying each & every cloth. This is the time when ur good frnds turns into bastards. Gang started cheering up ‘haddi’ that he’s finally going for movie with our class’ item. That freaking ‘haddi’ also got excited that he’s getting this golden opportunity. When I was finally about to leave from the room, the fukr also came out wearing a shirt just ironed & with baba sadak chaap perfume smell. My mood went off. On the way to ‘vaniya vaad’ that dumbass asked me

“Why are you looking upset??”

“Nothing” I said.

We had this small battle about why the F he is coming & finally ended conversation when he said!!

“But she really wanted me to come. If I won’t come she’ll be disappointed”

“Yah Yah yah, Fuck you!!!”, I murmed.

We were waiting for her at vaniya vaad. “Haddi”, now asked me if he should leave or what? I was about to say “yes” and was about to kick his ass but then I saw her coming. I couldn’t take my eyes off until she reached close to us. She smirked as she saw ‘haddi’ with me. Without saying a word I called for an auto.

I can’t believe it. That bastard was now more & more irritating me. I paid for auto and than for movie ticket as well. Bloody hell!! Now comes the best & exciting part, which eventually changed my mood. We took seat in balcony (completely empty). She was seating in center as depicted below.




I was not much interested in movie as I’ve already seen it (except preity zinta). Suddenly she acted like she’s not comfortable in hear seat. She asked me if view is clear from my side or what? Yes it was. So she stood up & changed her seat. And you won’t believe it she moved from my left side to right side, leaving ‘haddi’ all alone.





And that was the best part of the movie. You won’t believe how much happy I was. “Victory!!!” I had shouted in my mind, and the movie ended.

I wanted to ask her for dinner that night but after what happened earlier I was happy she denied!!


Me: Abhishek Gondalia

She: Bhakti Gondalia

Haddi: Mitesh Dodia


Roma said...

Hahaha Very nice description :)

kedar said...

:) simply "Liti" or in depth "Liti-ul-hasan" as described by the gr8 Aajtak...
I knew a bit of this anyways!!
What impressed me here is the move Bhakti made! it's like castling in chess... only difference is you're checkmate :D

ABhi said...

he he he!!

Really checkmated!!!

Shunty said...
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Shunty said...


Your irritation of having a haddi in kabaab is very well understood and reasonable. Although the move of Bhakti left you with awesome experience of Victory.
Nice one!
God bless you both!


hardik patel said...

hey ..abhi..it seems like yu had a very silent fight to grab all the moments..simply ..kind of good inspiration from hingi movies....lol..!

ABhi said...

Yes, similar like Hindi Movie (although it had more twist & turns)!!!!

Nishith said...

Abhi - Well written.I was eager to know about "Haddi" in initial stage of blog...

Finally I came 2 know abt "Haddi".

very Nice...

I also agree wid Kedar abt Bhakti's move....