Monday, February 7, 2011

Dhoom, dhishum & zoooom!!

terminator_the_game-805Dhum, dhum… dhooom.. Alpha down, I repeat, alpha down!! You might wonder who is ‘alpha’ or who is down! But don’t worry these are some of the words that leaves my blood chilled & thrilled.


First Experience is always unforgettable

I was 11, when I first put my fingers on the keyboard to shoot & jump around. I was studying at ‘gurukul’ in surat. There were 2 periods (oops, don’t take it wrong way, I’m talking about class periods) for computer subject. Thanks to our sir’s laziness we never learned anything beyond “GAME” ;) That was the first time I rocked in this field. I wish I could remember the name of the games. It was something jumping over those fires and shooting insects. Believe me I was best in that!!

Suddenly those rich bastards at ‘gurukul’ started bringing their own devices for internal pleasure. I guess ‘china market’ has pulled out many of those devices to play hand held games. Unfortunately I don’t remember name of those devices as well. (I wonder if it even had any name). I requested my dad to get one for me & looking at our financial situation, the request was rejected successfully, huh… !! I used to share my food with those ‘bastards’ to get a hand on the console.

While my trip to Ahmadabad from gurukul, I put my first step in game station. We used to sneak out from gurukul at late night (believe me It was like journey to the center of the world), to go to those game station to play ‘mario’ & ‘boxing’. 1Rs for 3 lives that was fucking costly for amateurs like me. Two guys got caught & that learning curve came to finish line. But by the time I had almost spent all my savings, 150Rs.


Game Hero

Coming back to home from that ‘gurukul’ jail, I was happiest!! Studying at ‘Swaminarayan vidhyalay’ @ surat  was easier than before. The only change I didn’t like was that they make us study in computer period (oh, not again). Eventually I & nitin used to sneak out during Sunday to fulfill our Game quotas. Game was same but the place & players have changed. Since I came here with lots of experience beating him was not that hard.

Then came those consoles with lots & lots games like Mario, Tank, Mario Bros, Aladdin, tomb raider etc. Unable to buy it, I used to go to neighbor’s place. The guy just got new console but didn’t know how to play so I became his savior. Spending 15-20 minutes sitting beside him I only used to get chance when he can’t go beyond his limit. It was still a hell lot of fun to me. When I heard from someone that there is game station available nearby, it became my favorite tourist spot. Spent my most of the time with other fat, smelly fellows in 10x10 cabin, education was ruined!!!!

Again I put forward my request for such console to dad & again it got rejected initially, damn!!! But then I used my secret weapon to get it. I cried!! Yah, A lot of cry, cry, cry!! & guess what, it worked. I got the console. I was feeling like Hero in my group. Champ of Mario ;) Before school, after school, before lunch & after lunch you would find me seating near our TV only.

East or West PC was the best.

Like all great histories, console history also came to an end. The new trend was highly configured computers for new FAwesome games. Mario was almost dead. The world was talking about nfs-2, call of duty & GTA vice city. Since there was no game station available for those games yet, the only place I could get to was a friend’s new computer. I remember sometimes I used to walk around 5 k.m. so that I can sit beside him and instruct him about how to shoot around & move on. It was so annoying but I was helpless.

Finally we bought a pc (although with pretty less configuration & guess what it still is running after those 11 long years). I still couldn’t install ‘GTA vice city’ on it. I was still happy with Aladdin, cricket 2000 (multiplayer with bro), Mummy returns, nfs & etc. I still remember cheating with brother while playing cricket games with multiplayer. I literally peed my pants while playing ‘mummy returns’ with turned off lights and headphone on full volume. I used play those games waking up 5/6 a.m. I also remember using blanket to cover pc & me to hide the PC light.

With time that PC craze was dying not because of interest but due to those FADU games adding up everyday & my pc couldn’t accommodate any of them. At the end PC dream also got ruined.


PSP Love

Do you believe in love at first site? I do. I started believing when I met the PSP first time psp_games@ surat. It was complete unintentional visit to a store which introduced me to ma’ love. So handy, portable & awesome ;) The good think this time was that I was able to buy it on my own since I started earning. It kept me busy like hell. ‘GAT-China town’, ‘Bomber man’, ‘DJ-fight’, ‘NFS Shift’, ‘Call of Duty’, ‘God of War’, ‘Medal of Honor’, ‘Ben-10’, ‘Virtual Tennis 3’ were the games I finished so far & they all were Fawesome.

I remember the day when my brother lost the PSP while visiting Rajkot. I cried a lot that night & didn’t talk with him for 1 day. Eventually it all ended up buying another psp. ;) I’m still crazy over it!!!


Back to PC life

asusicore7pc What goes around comes around!! PC days are back ;) Earning on your own comes really handy when you want to buy things that you love. This time, I got this most awaited AMD machine to convert my unused room into a ‘war room.’ ‘Dhay, dhay, dhay & boom, boom or zooooom…’ would be the only sound you would hear if you pass by the room. Just started with 2 games as of now. 1) Call of duty- black hops 2) NFS-Hot pursuit. I don’t think I would survive with these 24 hours a day stuff that god has arranged. Need at least 50 hours: 15 for games, 4 for tennis, 8 for sleep and 10 for work & rest for ‘honey’ (who will kill me if I’ll play any more games)!!!

I’m still away from amazing consoles available out there like wii, ps3, xbox. Anyone who is interested in donating one of them please contact my personal email. ;)


kedar said...

war room. Dhay, dhay, dhay & boom, boom or zooooom...
PC Games were part of my life since 2001 when I got my PC @ home.
Carmageddon was the first violent crazy car racing game I liked and after that it was Mid-Town Madness...
and than came The NFS, which is my favorite and second is FIFA :)
Helcopter, SOF, Tombraider, price of parsia, Hiritik(don't rember d' name)...
I remember me n' my bro used to study (I just used to wait) till 4AM, after which we used to play FIFA until my dad gets up by 5.30AM. My bad, my bro was in 12th :D but I shared interests in games.

I can't imagine a guy with PC without a craze for some kinda game!! Not Guy atleast, girls are exception anyways ;)

Games rock AB... 1 more name... QUAKE-III [It'll keep coming :)]

ABhi said...

Yes I fogot to mention 'Mid-town madness' & 'Project IGI'. I never liked 'Mid-town madness' but as you know 'beggars don't have choices' ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek

I think You haven't played Manhunt...
Its really "psycho" and addictive Game....I also liked Maxpayne......
But they are not network games....

Chirag Purohit

ABhi said...

Yes i've never heard of 'Manhunt' before, would try it.
MaxPayne was also Fawesmest, specially when you right click and slow motion mode comes into the picture.