Friday, February 25, 2011

A Trip to Remember…

2011-02-254 Human mind tendency is so weird; it's so hard to get rid of your orthodox thoughts/believes. One of my feelings was derived from my dad who always used to think that going out on vacation is waste of money & time. I also  had this feeling till my last trip to 'mount abu'. So far this was my 3rd honeymoon trip ;) after Udaipur(+abu) & Hardwar. I'm not counting another trip we made to 'putpathhi' near Bangalore because it deserves to be in Spiritual trip category. But for the first time I realized that it's so much necessary to change our 'hava panni' at some regular time ;) This 'valentine day' abu visit was the most #krakalaka trip I had so far!!!

"Mount Abu on saturday" i said to that paan chewing bus booking manager.
“500Rs for sleeper” he said with his half gujarati & harf gargling language!!
“You gotta be kidding me, last time it took 300Rs only”
“Everybody is going there, especially those newly married couples, so price hikes is not a big deal.”
The fear of bus/hotel reservation surrounded me after trying 4-5 more travel agencies.

Fuck it!! It always happens with me. Either railway or bus reservation screws up at last minute. In worst case either I or chaki gets sick during or before journey. When I got ready to pay 400 to an agency they said “all sleeper seats are already booked” Damn again. Frustration started before the start of the journey itself. I started expecting two worst days coming but guess what?? It turned into 2 best days…


2011-02-25 Time: 22:05p.m. 12th Feb, 2011

we reached bus stop just 5 minutes before departure. Bus was just about to leave so driver was shouting for getting late. I searched for my seats ignoring driver & his assistance’s khitpit. Before climbing up on sleeper seats I googled around to see if any chick (with her newly wedded idiot) is joining us for ‘Abu’ or not. To my disappointment they were not more than 1-2, who also can be ranked to 5/10. I was surprised to see those nice soft seats with pillow! One very good advantage of having wife (or girl-friend) is that you don’t feel cold in cold places. :D Journey was too good!!! Bus started jumping and curving (just like that movie ‘wanted’ with curve the bullet funda!). I didn’t dare to open my eyes due to my motion sickness problem. I hate it but I also survived it this time.

Time: 05:35 a.m. 13th Feb, 2011

I was happy as soon as I woke up because journey didn’t cause much trouble. Now it was time for Mission Impossible-2. Finding hotel!!! I was not that pro at finding the hotel due to my lack of experiences in this field. (Note that this didn’t mean I haven’t had any girl friend in past whom I’ve taken to hotel :D just kidding) I always leave this mission on her cause she’s really good (or I would say kanjus) at bargaining. Trying first 3 hotels we found same response “the hotel is booked”!! Great!! I had to take piss outside without waiting for other hotels to reject us. By 6:00a.m., we finally … wait … wait… I mean she finally accomplished the mission. I didn’t like the room but who care!!!

Time: 09:00a.m. 13th Feb, 2011

After completing most valuable thing of the journey, food, wait a minute.. did you think??… aahh.. come on!!! Food is what we both are living for ;) 1 awesome paratha + 1 ok ok pova bataka + 1 tea & 1 plate dahi were enough to give us little start for the journey. We hired a bike like we did in last journey, grabbed a small map & did ‘shri ganeshay’ to the journey. ‘Shiv Math’ will always be our first place to visit. “Adhar devi temple” was our second destination which squeezed out all energy we just had in morning. It was a mountain on mountain that we climbed. Away from same boring job & computer addiction, my lungs were enjoying fresh air they were breathing. You know how much I love to breathe, right???

Time: 12:00a.m. 13th Feb, 2011

Delvada’s dera’s second visit still amazed about its art and long lasting construction 2011-02-251 quality. I wish I could go back in time with honey to enjoy the real life in the past. But that ‘havmore’ ice-cream shop brought back to the present. We had lunch at some dharamshala just for the sack of change. Finally a treat of ‘bird’s nest’ took me to heaven for a while… No... No… I’m really vegetarian. That ‘bird’s nest’ was an awesome ice-cream I had.
“Traver’s tank’ was a surprise visit we had this time. Excitement of finding any animal brought me to this awesome, quite & adventurous place. We started with a crocodile lying like I do in Sunday afternoon ;) We started walking to see ‘death valley’ from there. Quite place, small tower hut, little tickling noises coming from trees & empty hollow place were brining all feelings (romantic, scary, shitty, adventures & feeling that we’re fucked up as we don’t know how to get back). Although we’re still not sure if we really found that place or not but we enjoyed the overall quest of finding the place. After walking almost 2k.m. came back without seeing any animal or board of “death valley”. Little quite time at lake was very very, veryyyyy peaceful. (Very word pe gor farmayega)

Time: 5:30 13th Feb, 2011

Visit to ‘peace park’ ended just on the time I started feeling peaceful. Another must visit place. Riding behind a girl… oops ;) { hold your thoughts you all naughty boys…} … I mean Seating behind a girl riding bike is another adventure we all must go through. I had this adventure when she took control of the bike for our return journey. Believe me I couldn’t breathe properly until we asked our hotel address to a police man!!! It ended up with 100Rs bribe. Lesson learned here, “Driver should wear the helmet rather than person seating behind”.

Time: 8:30 13th Feb, 2011

2011-02-252 If you’ve been to Rajasthan and haven’t tried ‘daal baati’ & ‘churma’ then ‘screw you’!!! I won’t suggest place because I ended up at an ordinary place. But ‘Churma’ was so awesome I won’t forget for at least next 5 years. It was good to see “Gaurang” there on his honeymoon as well. Dinner with friends always rocks my mood!! Roaming around the place was just majestic.


Time: 7:30a.m. 14th Feb, 2011

“Happy valentine day, hon’ ” is how I started the morning. Generally we jog/roam around 2011-02-253 at our honeymoon place in the morning, but this time we missed it by snoozing annoying alarm. There were big plan of going here & there but I was not in mood. A nice trip for me always has plenty of idle time around, rather than running from here to there, trying to cover up all the places. This time I got what I wanted.

Time: 10:30a.m. 14th Feb, 2011

After another heavy breakfast, that crispy morning became more amazing when we went ‘naki lake’ for boat ride. I’m not that fond of such ride but ‘ala alam’s wish & so my command. Finally I saw the best girl of the trip, although couldn’t stare her more since we left for boating. That 1 hour of boating & fresh breeze for half an hour at shore was the most relaxing moment I had. It’s indescribable.
Another amazing thing happened in this session was that show we saw on tv back at the hotel. It was an interview of someone from adhayshanti group(zen group ;) It really helped me change so many thoughts of mine. I felt like burring the remote while watching that show, it was heavnly #krakalaka.

Time: 4:40p.m. 14th Feb, 2011

After amazing 2 hours of sleep in my arms, she woke up at 4:00. We went out for shopping for a while came, back & packed the bags. Soon we got ready to check out from the hotel. It’s amazing to see bus right on the time but sad thing to see that me & hon’ got seats in different place. Too bad! Still we spent an hour together before departing to our original location.

Journey was smoooooth and overall trip was smoooother!!! I wish I’ll have such journey again sometime. That’s how I ended up my BEST journey with Hon’ so far.


Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek

Ya I am completely agree with you,everybody must change their "HAVAPANI"(specially for developers...),spending money for tour(vacation && || honeymoon) is not wasting of money but investing it for your self.....

Purohit Chirag

Change Is Inevitable said...

Now it'd be great if you can ask Bhakti to post a blog on Bargaining.

Nigher me nor my hon is good at that :|

Or lets plan a trip 2Gather...

Shunty said...

Think I should also plan to change my Hawaa-Paani! :)
Do you still keep on rating girls you see around? 5/10 hahaha..

ABhi said...

No Buddy,
ya, rating habit still remains same only change is the partner which whom i share the ratings.
Previously it was you guys, now 'bhakti' :D