Saturday, July 2, 2011

INK me baby, one more time!!

I was may be 12, when I lost my virgin skin. No I didn’t meet any Michal Jackson stuff here. It was the time when I got my first tattoo. It was my aunt who forced me to get god name inked on my hand. With little scariness, little excitement & little more curious to show my courage I decided to take on. That sadakchap tattoo artist took hardly 5 minutes to name it. Mom was little shocked when she show it & later relieved by fact that it’s GOD name tattoo.

The second opportunity rang the bell at Singapore. She was angy(a Singaporean friend) , who first inspired me to get a tattoo. She showed me all her glittering, girlish tattoos. On hands, leg & near ya… really near to 7sleep-walkher private part as well. I got ready to get 1 until I heard the cost which was around 600SGD, which is equal to my total savings of that trip. If I would have got that then I might have received a free permanent tattoo on face after bhakti’s punch. ;) But still Idea wasn’t leaving my mind. Then it was in the national park where I saw an awesome CHINKI doing tattoo. I’m not sure what drag me over there, was it her tattoos or her beauty?? It drove me to her like a person taking sleep walk? 

10SGD, that it??? OMG, I took my t-shirt out ASAP. I selected design and just lay down… No …no.. no.. Not with her, of course. With 100 of thoughts running in my mind, will bhakti like this? Will this look good on me? Will this CHINKI’s hand on my back tingle? Will it hurt? Etc etc. By the time I answered these questions myself the tattoo part was done. WHAT? That smooth?? Yah… baby. Reaching home I felt like I wasted those 350ruppees over that freaking TEMPORARY tattoo. Yah it was not permanent. Damn it!! %#$% #$%#$%. CHINKI never told me either.
Anyways, so coming back to the present again the bhoot or craze of tattoo is back. I went through many designs, wasted 2 days but still not able to find that exact punch line tattoo design so far. At the end, I decided to go with two tattoos. 1 in Sanskrit (which is too hard to find) & 2nd in Tibetan language. I need some advice here, which one should I get for Sanskrit?? Choices are below. HELP, HELP, HELP…..
P.S. All voters will get a cutting chai ;)
  • I love you more = त्वामधिकमनुरजामि
  • ONLY WE CAN FREE OUR MINDS = केवलं वयमेवास्माकं मनांसि मोचयितुं शक्नुमः
  • Beautiful mistake = सुंदरप्रमाद
  • Become your destiny = तव नियतिः भव
  • Peace comes from within = शांतिरंतरतः आगच्छति
  • everything will be ok in the end. If it is not ok, it is not the end.=सर्वं सुष्ठु भविष्यत्यंते। यदि नास्ति सुष्ठु, नास्त्यंतः।
More Tibetan tatto also coming soon ;) Plz plz plz vote…………


pratik said...

Peace comes from within = शांतिरंतरतः आगच्छति

I think it will suit your current situation...personally i don't know..but professionally I m sure ....

ABhi said...

True, I first voted for beautiful mistake, but now this seems awesome...
Thanks for PROFESSIONAL advice :D

Kedar said...

Looks good! Btw I voted for "तव नियतिः भव"

Nice capture too :)