Friday, August 15, 2008

2nd Most adventurous day of life

It was too good. My morning was little lazy today, .....why ? Don't ask. I was not in a great mood to start off the day. Specially after discussion of today's trip with vidhi and pathik.

  • 1st they were willing to go on saturday. (Which actually turned out good decision at last...)
  • 2nd they wanted to hire a car for going there.
Come on!!! guys i'm not a not really into it. Anyways i don't want to discuss that topic here.

The plan was to go to chmpaner forest century, which actually is having water fall and jungle. I already had been there two years ago. That has been 2st Most adventures day of my life. So place is same. There were me, honey, pathik, himanshu, pruthvi, vidhi, nitu, krunal, nikunj and dam bhai.

We left office at nearby 12:00. Journey was good, we hired a car.

My eyes were constantly looking for dark cloud but they were disappointed watching the sun shine. I was really in favour of rain today, infact everyday. We had good time pass during the journey. Took a break between to have lunch but me and honey were already filled up.

Finally a ray of hope arised when we saw dark clouds started drizzling. I was expecting heavy rain to enjoy the journey. Finally we reached there. Journey starts with two passways, we choose 2nd way as me and pathik has already been to the first one.

Wether was wonderful there. Little bit of rain after every 10 minutes were making journey more exiciting. Honey was loving the journey and that was the biggest satisfaction for me. Half the way we 10 were divided into group of 5.

One group having me, honey, vidhi, nitu and pathi and the second group contained others. I really didn't like that idea. But It just happnened unintentionally. Pathik was MARING setting with vidhi, nitu was helpless with her legs and me and honey were drowning wherever we found water. Still it was fun.

Finally the moment came when we heard some screams and shouting. That scream was from himanshu, krunal and others. They were under the waterfall. Damn!!! Couldn't wait after that. I just started running (i almost forgot that bhakti was with me.) untill i reached them. I took out my t-shirt and joined them. We stayed there for almost an hour. So wonderful that i don't have words to describe.

Back journey were even better as it started raining heavily. One break between to have good snacks was really a good idea. We were tired and done. It was a wonderful day. Wish i can have 100 in my life. I'll.

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