Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pleasure after pain.

Thanks Buddy (lord Krishna)!!!

After that heavy dose of hard week, my weekend was clean, smooth and really really cool. I enjoyed it a lot after long time. Ya i enjoyed it last time we went to chapaner. Other than that trip most of my weekend were dry and boring since a long time. But this time !!! WoW!! Thanks a lot.

Saturday was a cool. Morning went so fuzzy, i was feeling so lazy in the morning but i was enjoying it as well. Went to drop chaku at school. After that GYM. Had a good workout there. Pathik (My office friend ) and her mom made fun of my hair style. And believe me it was really funny as well. I hated those two horn shapes coming out of hair. But as everything happens for good only. I couldn't wait for tomorrow to get a new hair cut. We don't usually cut hair on saturday so it wasn't easy to find a saloon on this day. Still i was desperate and also i wanted to give surprise to chaku as well with new hair cut. I found one. Great!!!! I was scared of getting wrong hair cut but everything went well. I like it. I have him 25Rs without a single argument.

Couldn't stop watching my self in mirror after that. Took few pics of mine with almost nearer to NO HAIR. But that was not enough to made my day so god gave me another idea. I decided to create video of all our webcame pics. Started with search for a good software, i finally ended up with using Vista's in build movie maker. I did it. The video was awesome, i watched it atleast 40 during the whole day. I send mail to everyone, uploaded it to youtube, orkut. Wow!!! Awesome response.

The complete day went so good. Went to Uncle sam pizza at night for dinner with vidhi, himanshu. Enjoyed it fully. Also saw silent hill alone at night. Wow.!!! Great saturday.

Sunday started with cleaning up the home. Went well!! Time pass at pathik's home, late break fast, romance, time pass, again watching video of yesterday. Wow so far so good. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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