Saturday, August 16, 2008

Atlast i'm on youtube.

I had been waiting for this day. I wanted to upload any video of mine on youtube and wanted to post it on my blog as well. ANIMOTO has finally done it. I was looking through the picasa API and suddenly found that ANIMOTO site is using these APIs. So i went there to checkout what's it upto.

They create take your photos from various photo organizer site like picasa, flikr etc. I created my account and got started with creating my video. Now comes the best option. THey allow you to diretly upload your created video to youtube. I tried wih my first video which went well but pictures i've given was just for checking out how video goes by.

Then i seriously thought about having a good video created by them. But this time i got the wrong music played in background. Site i slow otherwise its good. + They charge you for larget videos which SUCKS.

what the both videos here...

1. my first video


Champaner again

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Mayuresh said...

Second video does not have any sound.. First is cool.. :)