Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mail from miral

Got mail from MIRAL. A friend from my office. He has become NRI (almost all indian wants to be that (except me and my wife.)).

Hi Abhi,

Just seen your blogs again...

I am proud to say not that I know Abhishek Gondalia personally, but Abhi knows me personally. (i couldn't grab meaning of that sentance. ...) Really good work, I am proud of you.

Not sure how did you manage to keep camera, may be when I will come there I will ask you to shoot small film for me....again good work, keep it up. And ya here also my bhabhi (Jaiminibhabhi) is also enjoying your blogs, she said hi to both of you. What I get from this awesome work is you are trying to show "How much happy you guys are", yeah you are on dream ride of life......wish you good luck...

Thanks and regards,
Miral Patel
630 398 6463

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