Thursday, September 25, 2008

DAY4: Typical love story & V the F**kers…

DAY4: Typical love story & V the F**kers…

Oh I can’t explain what I was feeling for the whole day. The whole day went into excitement. I didn’t have much work other than some bugs. Thanks to Abhilash (my project partner) to take charge of each work for the day. I got dresses ready for everyone. We were ready to rock. I was not afraid of pruthvi’s team as he didn’t have good dancers. One more thing, he keeps dance steps that he can do with good effort that how can expect to be smoother for other team member. I heard that shalini and vidhi has joined his time at last minute. Let’ see what they come out with.

Rock on… was ON….

I succeeded. Yes I did it. No, no, I’ve not won the competition but I didn’t what I wanted to do. We played on the Rock On song. It was amazing. Me, alpesh, anupan and krunal were rocking. I really loved it. We played on the song ‘Meri laundry ka ek bill’ from Rock on songs. Wow amazing experience.

Typical love story:

Mail send by janak about the story of the theme was really nice effort. Really an effective mail to put first impression. Theme was about typical love story where two groups are fighting for a girl and girl gets married to some other person. Interesting part was when god gets happy with them and gifts them another girl for continuing their pataving process. Story was good but competition was all about dance which only being done by Prutvi other than him everyone was just to fill up space. Prutvi danced very well. So we had two teams to compete with 1st was Swati and second was Vidhi.

V the Fcukers…

Costume really gave me some confidence at last. Though I was not happy with everyone’s look. I make up my mind by thinking that at least I was looking good. The song had begun jumping in my mind. It was really hard to be on the stage. The entry was rocking. Warm welcome from people really got our confidence on high. I don’t know about the others. I had forgotten one step during the whole dance but at least I didn’t make it look like a stupid has lost one step. Everything was ok. I was not satisfied with the team dance. Team was looking a little over confidence. Anyways everything went well. Back to back four rocking songs.

1. Bachna ae hasino,
2. Dhoom-2 title,
3. Golmal &
4. Bebot. (Wow!!! I was happy with my song selection.)

So the competition was over and it was time to choose the winner. Guess what It was tie at first. There were 5 teams. Two teams voted for us and two teams voted for Swati’s team, now what? Public opinion. Swati was in against of it. May be she was afraid to loose title of combined winner. 90% public voted in favour of us. Hurry!!! We were the clear winner. Wow!!! Winning was not that important for me this time as I clearly wanted to enjoy this one.
So I did. Wonderful week has been over. Back to sophisticated stupid life at office! I’ll definitely remember these 4 days through my entire life.

Thanks God, thanks kanuda!!!!

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