Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rock On Day3: NameLess1

DAY3: NameLess1
Swati, anupam, nirav etc…

The practice of this team was hidden we were never aware of what was going to happen. They practiced at unknown places so that no body knows about their dance. We all were expecting it to be something extra ordinary. And ya it was!!! Way the team has been dressed up rang warning bell in mind. It said, “Either get dressed of or get out of the competition.” Everything went perfectly well for the team.

Good thing was to see maulik dancing on the floor. Swati and Jatin’s dance was again amazing. One more reason to wake up and do something. Dance went superb. Now we had more troubles coming up. We not only have to beat today’s and yesterday’s performance but also we have to beat tomorrow’s performance which is from Pruthvi’s team. I’m sure he’ll deliver something GOOD. Our practices got doubled, we went to dance floor for practice as well. I was not satisfied the way we were dancing. We had bunch of freaks who believes in copying steps from one standing ahead. What more they never want to believe that they are doing so. Freak… is the word most suitable.

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