Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rock On DAY2

DAY2: V the Rockerss..
Alpesh, Vidhi, chirag, etc….

Now that’s what I call competition. I had seen dance of this team once or twice when they were practicing. But today it was far better than what I was under impression of. Specially the chirag, he was doing really funny steps. By funny I didn’t mean not good enough but he was just excellent in the song ‘ena mina dika…’. Costume selection was ultimate. Alpesh was high. With a sip of whisky before going on stage, he spitted his personality. He became unstoppable after that. Damn!! Good one.

I was talking about make-up that Karuna did yesterday with someone today. She shouldn’t have done that. But not learning from mistake, Vidhi also blindly followed her and ended up looking like ***...
Anyways, at the end of the day, V The Rockerss.. scared us a little bit as my team has nothing like dress code, no funny steps to impress people but simple easy steps to finish up the performance.

We had some hard practice after finishing today’s performance. Believe me everyone in my team was a little bit afraid. Afraid of loosing after watching today’s performance.

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