Monday, September 22, 2008

Rock On DAY1

Finally after long weeks of hectic schedule in project, I got something to chill about at office. Yes we are coming up this ROCK ON event at office. All preparation are done, every one is set and now its time to enjoy. ROCK ON event is basically a dance competition where 5 teams are messing with each other with their dancing shoes on and grooving on dance floor. We had been practicing for it for last one month. For me this dance competition was everything. I like dancing as much as I like s*x. ha ha ha ha.

DAY1: Dragon
Pathik, Karuna, Aashish, Rupesh, etc.
The excitement was on high peak. Pathik’s team was not threat for us as they were not that good at dancing. I tried helping him in the starting but I was already out of time so couldn’t give much time for his team. Karuna was main leader in the team but she was not creative enough to get good dances.

Event has begun I was loosing my patients, went to parking lot as quickly as possible. I couldn’t help pathik in arrangement due to busy schedule. Me & chintan did not let people get bored by doing time pass. They arrived, music was started, flashes have started from everyone’s camera and the dance began. It was all going OK. Suddenly all things went black. Actually, the lights were gone due to heavy load. No body realized what was happening. I got a good time to clean my hand on pathik and his team in the dark. Someone went to switch off the A.C of the office to get it started again. Coming up with mocking faces of alpesh and vivek for a song was really a funny part of the whole day.

There was something, some sort of energy was missing once after that power off thing. Team was looking more confusing and little bit of frustrated. And so it affected their dance. Dance was not good enough to give any kind of competition. But I would like to cheer for pathik’s team for such a wonderful effort. Day was really good.

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