Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catch you later, Navratri!!!

Wohhh. End of another rocking event. Life is facing many rock events these days? Isn’t it? First was Rock on at office then at sayaji garden and now at vaccine circle. But is this end of it? No. There will be a pause, END is still far away. I hope I don’t get a chance to see end of rocking era till end of my life. Navratri is over. This year’s navratri has broken the record of ‘My Best Navratri’. Last time the record was given to last year. So I’m breaking my own record.


This time the place was ARKEE. I went out for 6 nights out of 9. First night was great, second was better than first, third was better than second and so on…WOW!!!!! Two days have been wasted in stomach pain and last day because of tiredness. There were not enough chicks to enjoy but whatever there was good one. My primary goal was dance. Aha. It makes me forget everything. Once started, I can’t control myself as far as everyone around me is dancing. Himanshu, pruthvi, krunal, vidhi, chhoti vidhi (Fulwanti (Guest appearance)), pathik, vivek, we all were rockers out there. I wish if navratri comes 4 times in a year with 3 night for each time.

Had great fun out there.
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