Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RSI Strikes again.

It's not that easy, hmm, not that easy to write in the situation I’m in. But I’ll take little time to ALERT all of you from a weapon. You can't see this weapon but when it'll strike, you'll have nowhere to run. Weapon name is RSI. I hope at least every s/w engineer knows about it. No!!! My goodness. Anyways coming straight to the point.

RSI=Repetitive strain injury RSI is any of a loose group of conditions resulting from overuse of a tool, such as a computer keyboard or musical instrument or other activity that requires repeated movements. (From wikipedia) In simple term, "Overdoing same thing for long period of time."

This same thing includes seating in chair, typing, sitting in wrong posture etc. This is frequent in our industry (IT). Pain may occur in your arms, legs, shoulder, and neck. (You can say all part of your body) When we come to know about it, it's too late. In my case it's late not too late.

I got this pain my shoulder. It had been there since a long time. I was always aware of this RSI thing (Thanks to vivek osv, the jumbo). And I was doing all my best to avoid it but it still occurred. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything for it before it occurs to you. Remember prevention is better than cure.

I'm in the stage of curing the pain. Doctor asked to change my profession. What the F. Do you really think that's possible on any how. I'm having one of my most loved profession. I should have asked for his certificates when he told me that. Anyways, living in pain these days. Doing yoga, pranayam, stretching exercise, tablets but nothing is helping me out. I'm thinking to change Doctor (It's better than changing profession at least). I also thinking for this acupuncture


Pathik said...

Yeah... I have also heard (fortunately not experienced), about the devil hurting many IT people.

RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury/Repetitive Sex Injury) - which one you are having haan...???

One suggestion for you, Join any sport [Swimming, Dancing, Cricket]. Regular sport activity is best way not to be trapped in such stuff.

ABhi said...

Thanks buddy. I'm actually planning to go for Yoga. It has always helped me in such situation in past as well.

Besides, that we can have sports together at home ;-) what do you say?

hmmm. Repetitive Sex Injury... hmmmmm. No comments ;-D

Shunty : said...

Oh..I also had such kind of pain several times..
So its called RSI..
Hmmmm..I think I also shud start now Yoga or any sport even .. :)
thankoo btw..

ABhi said...

Well shunty. You better start now than never. Don't take any pain lightly. You never know what is inside. Consult any Phisio whenever pain occurs. Don't do yoga or exercise on your on, take help from experts.

Have healthy life.