Monday, October 6, 2008

SCJP Kick off.

Good books & articles are useless. Ya you read it right. Don't stop reading further thinking that i was drunk while writing this. First thing, i don't drink. Second thing, my statement is right for those who don't act upon reading good books or articles.

What about me? Well! I accept i was one of them. One of them who likes reading good things but when it comes to implement, pssshht..., my world gives me red light. Question to my self? why red light? Because i was not serious about them. Because i was afraid that this will take most out of me. I won't be enjoying life further. But some day in your life you'll need to be serious about the way thing are going. Even reading good things and by not working upon that, i was ultimately cheating myself. Guilt for the same was taking control over my Next goal achievement.

So ultimately i decided to act upon what i want to do.

I'm firm this time and the GOAL is SCJP.
Sun certified java program.
See my Goal schedule below.
I started on it on this Sunday. Day went good still need to make them better.

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