Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Next 3 GOALS

Doing something different has always been my way to go. Can’t stop myself at repeating one thing for all the time. Though I was not always able to do so because of social life constrains, this time I want to do it. Want to do something new all the time something that I’m not aware of. Something I always dreamed of. List is long which includes,
 Break dance
 Bungee Jumping
 Shape up my body
 Sky diving
 Judo & Karate
 Swimming
 Tennis
 Learn car driving
 Learn Guitar or any instrument
etc. The list is too long.

Some of these dreams are on halt because of resource constrains (Money, time, place). But I think I can take one at a time. So rather than dreaming those at night I decided to hit the first target. It’s not on the list. But it just arrived fresh.

How about shooting a small movie with my cam? A movie that is interesting, have some moral and is at least bearable. LOL.

So my goals for next 3 months are clear now.
1. Clear SCJP exam.
2. Get body in shape (at least reduce my waist It’s 31 right now. Target is 29)
3. Shoot a movie.

Best of luck AB.

1 comment:

Shunty : said...

That's great..
You too have got so many crazy dreams.Hey but I couldnt understand this one :'Bungee Jumping'..Wat's that? :P

Hmm.Good .Keep Listing them.
Shooting a movie is again a creative one :)
All the best :D