Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A cutting chai


Ah.. . I should say it was all Tea-Day. I sipped 5 cups of tea. The last one was really my favorite –I like the one which is made with ginger mixed in it.

A cup of tea has always been a first obsession (or take it as a necessity or addiction. :) ) for me in every early morning. I can’t kick-off my day without a cutting chai. If I try to pass then my head starts blowing out. And not only tea, enjoying a tea at Kitli has its more fun. I think Kitlis are the most relaxing places after bathrooms (Especially for software engineers).

Bhai I really liked it.:)

DDITans , Remember Bhupat's tea stall? Wat was the name of his stall?
Aah.. Superb tea. I just miss it :(
Wait a bit..
I think I gotta snap of Bhupat's tea stall.

Yah.. Its Hari Om Tea Stall!! :D


Shunty : said...

:)))) am flying :P.. Its a first time that some one has put my post on his/her blog.

Well AB ,Your blog is too cool..
I never thot a person can fill the blog with such a simple and fundoo things. :P

Kedar said...

Yep... I remember vaniyavad tea stall where me and my roomie Puru Kaneria and bapu shah used to gather to discuss progress for sessionals :)
I'm not sure much but liti was there and bapu used to take a amul milk from some shop...
Those were gr8 days... I know I didn't much enjoyed as I kept on doing Up-Down from Baroda... But enjoyed those days...

I recall Mindicot @ abhi,raju,bapu,teja,hemu and liti's room... I remember how I smarty used mirror to cheat in cards game...

And yes... Poems on Hemu... Ek tapakti bund... :) LOL

And one more... The way abhi jumped on liti on exam night and liti got scared like hell...

and I think I will keep on writing as those days are appearing before my eyes :)

thanks for remembrance...

ps: Is Shunty from DDIT aka DDU!!!